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Curb The Danger Stories

The Edmonton Police Service shares select Curb the Danger calls over our Facebook and Twitter accounts. The following are calls from 2017...

Posted January 4, 2018

On a Tuesday afternoon in December, EPS received a call regarding a vehicle that was parked on the side of the road with the trunk and hood open. The caller reported that there was a lone male driver slumped over the steering wheel of the vehicle. As the caller was speaking with EPS, they reported seeing the male drive away from the scene – with the hood and trunk still open.


EPS quickly started to receive Curb the Danger calls regarding this same driver as he was allegedly seen running over a median, sideswiping a vehicle at a red light, and then entering an intersection on a red light, reversing, and making a left turn.


When officers met up with the suspect, they noted obvious signs of impairment and he was subsequently arrested. Further investigation revealed this male is a criminally disqualified and provincially suspended driver; he received charges for impaired driving, refusing a breath sample, failing to stop at the scene of a collision, disqualified driving, and dangerous driving.

Posted December 20

It was two weeks ago during 6:00 p.m. traffic, EPS received a Curb the Danger call from a witness who reported a vehicle on the Yellowhead that could not maintain the lane and was travelling at irregular speeds. The witness noted this suspect vehicle had cut off vehicles multiple times while travelling in and out of all lanes on the Yellowhead, but luckily these drivers were able to avoid the vehicle.  

EPS members arrived to the perceived direction of travel and located the suspect. They observed the vehicle fluctuate its speed and noted the vehicle was straddling two lanes. Members conducted a traffic stop and the suspected driver pulled over but allegedly ended up stopping over a curb.


When our officers were speaking to the driver, they noted obvious signs of impairment, so when the driver stepped out of his vehicle, officers subsequently asked for identification. The driver quickly became aggressive and started walking towards heavy traffic. Officers followed the driver and brought him away from the active street and arrested the suspect for impaired driving.


Further investigations found the driver only possessed a Class 8 license (for ID purposes only), the vehicle was unregistered and uninsured, the license plate didn’t match the vehicle, and the driver has been criminally and provincially suspended from driving.


The driver was charged with Impaired Driving, Refuse Breath Sample, and Disqualified Driving. He also received tickets for Operating an unregistered vehicle, Operating an uninsured vehicle, Driving without a valid license, and Misuse of plate.


Posted December 6

At 5:17 p.m. a woman called EPS to Curb the Danger against a possibly impaired driver after she witnessed a male stumble over items in numerous yards and knocked on their house doors before he entered a vehicle and caused a collision. The woman was luckily able to note his license plate before he fled the scene.


Shortly after the driver left this neighbourhood, he was reported to EPS by a homeowner who stated a vehicle had driven through his fence. Following this, another driver called EPS after he allegedly saw a vehicle collide through a barricade and got hung up on the open excavation and signage of the road blockade. This witness indicated the driver then backed up and continued to try and drive through the barricade.


Members arrived on scene but the vehicle had fled the barricaded area. At this time, another call had come in likely regarding the same driver. The driver reportedly struck a parked vehicle, left the scene, and was hitting curbs and knocked down a traffic sign along the way. Police officers quickly attended this last reported sighting of the driver and found the abandoned vehicle on a curb. The vehicle was heavily damaged and members located a lone male matching the suspected impaired driver’s description trying to gain access to a building nearby. Officers approached the suspect and noted obvious signs of impairment and subsequently arrested the male.


This impaired driver was charged with Impaired Driving, Dangerous Driving, Breach Conditions x 2, Refuse/Fail Demand Breath Sample and Fail to Stop at Scene of Accident.


Posted December 1


Earlier this fall, EPS received a Curb the Danger call from a woman who reported a potentially impaired driver after her vehicle and others narrowly missed being struck by another vehicle . The driver reportedly also almost struck another vehicle at a stop sign, exited the vehicle, urinated on the road, re-entered the vehicle and drove off in the opposite direction of traffic, nearly missing numerous other vehicles along the way. It was also reported that the driver sped towards a vehicle in an alleyway, hit a parked car and finally came to a stop after striking the rear deck of a residence.

The homeowner detained the suspect until police arrival. When members attended the scene, they noted obvious signs of impairment and the male driver was arrested for impaired and dangerous driving. When the suspect was transported to the division, his breath samples were over three and a half times the legal limit!


Posted April 24


In the afternoon of April 19, EPS received multiple Curb the Danger calls after witnesses saw a vehicle swerve in and out of the lane, drive through a stop sign and then hit the front tire of another vehicle and drive away.

EPS located the suspect and conducted a vehicle stop. When the driver tried to exit his vehicle, the officers noted obvious signs of impairment, as he allegedly could not hold himself up, had difficulty speaking, and believed he had arrived at his own home.

The driver was arrested for impaired driving and was taken to Downtown Division where he provided two breath samples. He blew more than FOUR times the legal limit.
After further investigations, officers found the driver was under a provincial driving suspension following a previous impaired driving charge. He was also bound by several conditions including the purchase, possession, use or consumption of alcohol and other intoxicating substances.

The driver received Criminal Code charges of impaired driving and breaching conditions, as well as several violation tickets.  

Posted February 3

Last week, EPS received a Curb the Danger call after a property collision occurred at a downtown ice cream shop. Witnesses reported the driver was impaired, and he was trying to leave the scene. Thankfully, a security guard held the driver at the scene until EPS arrived.


When EPS members approached the vehicle, they observed additional fresh-looking damages to the vehicle that must have occurred elsewhere. Once members spoke with the driver, they noted obvious signs of impairments and arrested him for impaired driving.

The investigations revealed that the vehicle had been recently stolen and was witnessed as a vehicle involved in a hit and run collision moments before the collision into the ice cream parlour.


The driver presented breath samples that registered over three times the legal limit. The driver was charged with Impaired Driving,  Theft of a Motor Vehicle, Hit and Run and Breaching Conditions.

Posted January 31


Earlier this month, EPS received a Curb the Danger call from a citizen who had allegedly observed a vehicle on Gateway Boulevard swerve in and out of their lane, make sudden stops, and even drive into the ditch.

Members located the vehicle and also witnessed the vehicle swerve and almost hit another vehicle. A traffic stop was initiated, and the driver almost struck a parked vehicle while attempting to pull over.

When members approached the vehicle, they noticed an infant in the back of the vehicle in a car-seat. When speaking with the driver, members noted obvious signs of impairment and placed him under arrest.

At the EPS station, the driver provided two breath samples – both readings were double the legal limit. He was charged with Impaired Driving and Cause a Child to be in Need of Intervention.


Posted January 13


Curb the Danger calls protect all users of our city’s streets. When you call 911 to report a suspected impaired driver, you’re saving lives. We’d like to remind everyone that impaired driving is not just from consuming alcohol. Impaired driving also includes recreational drugs and prescription drugs.


Last week, EPS responded to an impaired driving call where the driver was believed to be impaired by cocaine. Officers found the driver was also in possession of marijuana, cocaine, heroin/fentanyl and GHB. The driver was arrested for possession of a controlled substance for the purpose of trafficking x2, possession of a controlled substance x2, and impaired - care and control.