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Traffic Safety

From community programs helping parents know how to install and secure child seats properly to a buyer's guide to used vehicles, traffic and vehicle safety programs help keep our streets and neighbourhoods safe.

30 km/h School Zones - Why 30

Be a Textbook Driver reminds motorists to slow down and be mindful of the 30 km/h speed limit in school zones located on the perimeters around schools across Edmonton.

Child Restraints

Finding the right car seat for a child can be very confusing. Car seats come in a variety of shapes and sizes and manufacturer’s directions must be adhered to. There are a number of websites that have useful information.  More...

Driver Safety

Driving can be a pleasant road trip, or it can be a stand-still evening in rush hour. The Edmonton Police Service wants to keep our streets safe and you can help by learning more about road rage, distracted driving, our Curb the Danger program, and more.

Commercial Vehicles

The Commercial Vehicle Inspection Unit (CVIU) is dedicated to ensuring the drivers of commercial vehicles and the loads they carry are safe to be on Edmonton roads. More...