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Alarm Bylaw Program

Effective June 1st, 2016 the Edmonton Police Service will be implementing an alarm calls for service Enhanced Call Verification process to reduce the number of alarm calls for service requiring police response.

The Edmonton Police Service has determined that 96% of all reported alarms are false, resulting in an increased call volume, inefficient deployment of police resources and increased risk to public safety resulting from police response to these occurrences. The Enhanced Call Verification process will also serve to reduce the number of false alarm fees issued to home and business owners each year. This will result from police no longer be required to respond to alarm calls for service where verification has not been attempted by the alarm monitoring company. Verification will require contact with the alarmed location in addition to the designated keyholder(s).

The Edmonton Police Service will dispatch an alarm call for service if the following criteria have been met:

  1. The alarm consists of a combination of perimeter and interior motion sensor activations.
  2. Verification to confirm the legitimacy of the alarm activation by contacting both the premise and the listed keyholder(s) has occurred.
  3. Evidence of a crime or emergency in progress exists.

The Edmonton Police Service will respond to alarm calls for service where public safety may be at risk.   

The City of Edmonton Alarm Systems Bylaw 10922 requires all residential and commercial alarm system owners to have a valid alarm systems permit.

The Edmonton Police Service Alarm Control Detail works in partnership with alarm system operators and alarm system providers in an effort to reduce the number of alarm calls for service requiring police attendance.

How to Obtain an Alarm System Permit

An alarm systems permit can be obtained by submitting an ”Alarm Permit Application along with the $30.00 alarm systems permit fee to the Alarm Control Detail.  This can be done in one of the following ways:

  1. In person by attending the Alarm Control Detail office located at #108, 14315 118 Avenue, Monday to Wednesday from 8:00AM to 4:30PM, Thursdays from 8:00AM to 6:00PM and Fridays from 8:00AM to noon.  Forms of payment includes cash, credit card, debit card, cheque payable to the “City of Edmonton”. 
  2. In person by attending any Edmonton Police Service community or divisional police station. Cash, credit or debit cards are not accepted at any community or divisional station.  Payment at a police station must be by cheque made payable to the “City of Edmonton”.
  3. By mailing your application including payment by cheque made payable to the “City of Edmonton”, to:

Alarm Control Detail
Edmonton Police Service
9620-103A Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta, T5H 0H7. 

Please contact the Alarm Control Detail office at 780-421-3410 for further information.

Alarm permits and door/window decals will be mailed to the alarm permit applicant within 5 days of receipt of the application by the Alarm Control Detail.

Note: An alarm permit does not need to be renewed for as long as the permit holder is responsible for the alarm system registered to the permit location.

In order for the Edmonton Police Service to accurately and promptly provide service to all your alarms, please ensure the Alarm Control Detail is kept up to date with contact information for you and your keyholders. 

To update your alarm permit information, please email with the following:

  • Alarm permit holder name(s) & phone number(s)
  • Alarm permit number
  • Key-holder names & phone numbers (at least 2 are required)
  • Alarm system/monitoring system company

Alarm Systems Bylaw #10922 Fees and Fines

New Permit Application - $30.00 Paid by the alarm system holder
Alarm Permit Reinstatement Fee - $30.00 Paid by the alarm system holder
Residential False Alarm* - $75.00 Paid by the alarm system holder
Small Business False Alarm* (<500 sq.m) - $100.00 Paid by the alarm system holder
Large Business False Alarm* (>500 sq.m) - $150.00 Paid by the alarm system holder
*Intrusion alarms only; cannot enforce panic/hold up alarms under current Alarm Systems Bylaw

Bylaw Fines

Bylaw Section 4: The proprietor of a premises having an operating alarm system must have a valid & subsisting permit.
Offence: No valid and subsisting permit. Fine: $300.00 Paid by the Alarm system holder.

Bylaw Section 8: The alarm permit holder must provide their alarm monitoring company with all the information provided in the alarm permit application & the alarm permit number.
Offence: Fail to provide information to Alarm Business. Fine: $100 Paid by the Alarm system holder.

Bylaw Section 9: The alarm permit holder must notify the Chief of Police of any change to the alarm permit information.
Offence: Fail to provide change of information. Fine: $100.00 Paid by the Alarm system holder.

Bylaw Section 10: No person shall supply incorrect, incomplete or misleading information in an alarm permit application.
Offence: Provide incorrect, incomplete or misleading information. Fine: $100 Paid by the Alarm system holder.

Bylaw Section 12(1): All alarm businesses must make all reasonable efforts to verify the report/validity of an alarm before notifying the Edmonton Police Service.
Offence: Fail to verify alarm status. Fine: $500.00 Paid by the Alarm monitoring company.

Bylaw Section 12(3): No person shall provide, install, maintain or use any automatic calling device to access ‘911’ or any other telephone number of the Edmonton Police Service.
Offence: Use of automatic calling device. Fine: $750.00 Paid by the Alarm monitoring company or alarm system holder.

The Edmonton Police Service will not respond to an alarm for which a valid permit does not exist, unless there is information to support that an emergency or criminal act is in progress or has occurred.  A violation ticket in the amount of $300 will be issued to the owner of a residence or commercial property who is operating an alarm system without a valid City of Edmonton alarm systems permit.

Responsibilities of an Alarm System Owner

  • Ensure that you have a valid Edmonton Police Service alarm systems permit.
  • Ensure the alarm systems permit decal is clearly displayed at the main entrance to the property.
  • Provide the alarm monitoring company with your alarm systems permit number. This number is required for Edmonton Police Service response.
  • Provide the alarm monitoring company with contact information for each of your key holders.  A minimum of (3) three keyholders should be provided.
  • Update the Edmonton Police Service and the alarm monitoring company with any change of information related to the permit or your keyholders.
  • Train all keyholders on the proper use of the alarm system. This includes correct arming/disarming of the alarm and how to cancel a false alarm.
  • Ensure the alarm system is maintained and is in good working order. Annual inspections by the alarm monitoring company are recommended.
  • If you move or no longer require the permit, contact the Alarm Bylaw Program to cancel your alarm permit.

False Alarm Information and Prevention Tips

Common Causes of False Alarms

  • Use of incorrect keypad code
  • Improper training of authorized users and keyholders
  • Improperly securing doors and windows once alarm is armed
  • Wandering pets
  • Re-entering the property after leaving without disarming the alarm system
  • Objects hanging in the vicinity of motion detectors
  • Faulty equipment
  • Acts of nature (strong winds, electrical storms, etc.)

False Alarm Prevention Tips

  • Complete the Annual Alarm System User Checklist for False Alarm Prevention each year
  • Ensure your alarm monitoring company verifies alarms before calling the police by following an Enhanced Call Verification (ECV) process. See definition in FAQ. This will prevent you from obtaining false alarm fees.
  • Properly train all alarm system users and keyholders including employees, cleaning staff and guests on how to cancel a false alarm and properly arm/disarm the alarm system.
  • Secure doors and windows before activating the alarm system.
  • Regularly maintain the alarm system (including batteries).
  • Inform your alarm company of new authorized users and their contact numbers.
  • Ensure panic buttons are not accessible to small children.
  • Have your alarm system inspected annually.
  • Cancel all false alarm calls immediately.
  • Give your monitoring company details on whom to call in the event your alarm is activated.  Three or more keyholders is recommended.
  • Notify your alarm company when you are away for an extended period of time and provide them with a revised call list.
  • Be aware of how changes in your environment affect your alarm system.  Decorations, environmental design, pets and construction dust can all lead to false alarms. Contact your alarm company to ensure any changes you have made in your environment do not adversely affect your alarm.
  • Make sure all windows and doors latch securely.
  • If testing your alarm system, contact your alarm company first to advise them of the testing time period, including calling them again after the testing is complete.
  • If you think that your alarm system is not functioning properly, immediately contact your alarm company.

Contact Us

Phone: 780-421-3410

Email: Alarm.Program@edmontonpolice.ca

All emails and phone messages received outside of regular business hours will be returned on the next business day.

Business Hours:

Monday to Wednesday – 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM
Thursday - 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Friday – 8:00 AM to noon
CLOSED on all weekends and statutory holidays 

Office Location:   #108, 14315-118 Avenue (Nexus Business Park)

The Alarm Control Detail is located in the Police Information Check Section office located on the west side of 142 Street. 

Mailing Address:

Edmonton Police Service Alarm Control Detail
9620 103A Avenue
Edmonton, AB
T5H 0H7

Please see our FAQs for more information!