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Strategic Plan & Annual Report

The EPS 2023-26 Strategic Plan is a people-focused blueprint that unifies the organization in a common direction by defining clear goals and targeted outcomes. How EPS will achieve these goals and outcomes is outlined in the Business Plan, which will be released in the coming months.


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The Strategic Plan was developed in partnership with the Edmonton Police Commission and the Edmonton Police Association. Progress and findings will be presented by EPS to the Commission through an annual reporting process that ensures the plan continues to meet the needs of Edmontonians now and in to the future.

Annual Report

The Edmonton Police Service (EPS) has published its 2022 Annual Report, providing Edmontonians with valuable information on the direction of the Service, statistical insight into crime and community safety, and highlights of the work by EPS members in serving the needs of the community. It also serves as a public update on EPS goals and outcomes set out in the 2020-2022 EPS Strategic Plan.

Public Reporting Dashboard

To enhance the Annual Report and continue its commitment to transparency to the public, the EPS has also launched a robust public reporting dashboard.