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About EPS

Edmonton is a growing city with a diverse population. As a modern police service committed to increasing community safety, EPS balances traditional enforcement with social needs by establishing strong community partnerships, leveraging data-driven evidence and cultivating an innovative workforce reflective of the city it serves. 


A forward-thinking police service that strengthens public trust through addressing crime, harm and disorder.



To be relentless on crime and a leading partner in building community safety.



Integrity – doing the right things, for the right reasons

Accountability – responsibility for our decisions and actions

Respect – treating others as we would like to be treated

Innovation – pursuing excellence and creativity

Courage – maintaining strength in the face of our greatest challenges

Community – respecting and honouring the diverse communities we serve


Additional Information

For additional information on the variety of public reports and data submitted to the Edmonton Police Commission on a regular basis, please visit edmontonpolicecommission.com/reporting.


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