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How To Request Information

Access to records containing your personal information may be obtained by submitting a written request to the Edmonton Police Service’s Correspondence Unit or FOIPP Unit.

EPS Correspondence Unit

The Edmonton Police Service’s Correspondence Unit is responsible for responding to routine requests for police reports, collision reports, witness statements, and certificates of analysis from members of the public, insurance representatives, law firms, and other federal and provincial agencies and programs.

Requests for EPS Records will be accepted IF:

  • You are a named involved party or their representative (consent required)
  • All investigations related to the file have been concluded, and
  • Court proceedings in relation to any charges or violation tickets on the file have been concluded.


The following records are provided Free of Charge:

(File) Search fee         $25.00 + GST ($26.25) per  file
This fee is in addition to the Standard Request fee and will be applied to all requests that are submitted without an EPS file number, or with an incorrect file number.

Standard Request      $50.00 + GST ($52.50) per  file
Collision Reports, Police Reports, and  Confirmation Letters

  • Payment is required in full before Correspondence Unit can process your request

  • Certified cheques and money orders are accepted only.  Personal cheques are not accepted and will be returned with your request.

  • Your Certified cheque or money order can be made payable to: The City of Edmonton

  • Those wishing to pay by an alternate method (cash, debit, credit) must submit their request in person at the 
    Police Information Check Section (PICS)
    #108, 14315 - 118 Avenue
    Edmonton, Alberta      
    Tel: (780) 421-2801

Processing Time*- Please contact the Correspondence Unit at the number or e-mail below to confirm current processing timeline.

*Correspondence Unit does not have the resources available to offer expedited service. Requests are processed in the order they are received. There are no exceptions.


Recommendation: The Correspondence Unit recommends contacting us prior to submitting your request to confirm processing timelines.  We cannot provide personal information over the phone but will assist you in locating your EPS file number(s) and can advise on whether or not your records are available for release.

Correspondence Unit Email: Routinedisclosure@edmontonpolice.ca
Correspondence Unit 24 hour Information Line: 780-421-2715

Requests can be made:

By Mail:

Correspondence Unit
c/o Edmonton Police Service Headquarters
9620 – 103A Ave Edmonton, AB T5H-0H7
Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday, 07:00 – 15:00hrs (Excluding weekends and holidays)

In Person at:

#108, 14315 - 118 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta      
Tel:(780) 421-2801
Accepted Payment: Debit, cash, credit card, certified cheque or money order.

All Requests MUST include:

  • Proof of Identification if dropping off or picking up your personal request. Those mailing their request must include a photocopy of

    • Two (2) pieces of government issued identification; one being photo identification (Driver’s license, passport, etc.)

  • Consent (of your Insured, Client, Owner/Driver) if making a request on their behalf

    • Must be dated within ninety (90) days of your request

    • Insurance providers and Law firms are encouraged to provide consent from both the Owner and Driver of the insured vehicle if the two differ, but particularly the Driver’s consent

  • Payment in full (certified cheque or money order)

    • Including additional search fees if your request is submitted without an EPS file
    • Cash, debit, or credit payments can only be made in person by attending our PICS location


For further assistance, or to confirm current processing timelines, please contact: