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Each homicide represents the death of a person whose life was valuable. They all have family, friends, and loved ones who are left to grieve, not only the loss of life, but the violent way in which their lives were taken.

The Edmonton Police Service wants to provide reassurance to Edmontonians of their safety. This is not intended to diminish the tragedy of these homicides, but to ensure Edmontonians still feel safe in their city.

In 2014, the EPS partnered with Dr. Sandy Jung from MacEwan University to study five years' worth of EPS homicide data. This research demonstrated that not everyone faces the same level of risk as it relates to being the victim (or perpetrator) of a violent crime or homicide. Different choices around relationships, associates, the places you go and your actions result in different experiences and outcomes in the community.

Total homicides for 2019: 17

  • To date, 8 homicides were cleared by charge and the remaining 9 are still under investigation.
  • 8 of the 17 homicides involved the use of an edged weapon, 5 involved a firearm, 3 were physical assaults and 1 is hold back. 
  • To date, 15 of the 17 victims were male and 2 were female.

This time last year:

  • There were 3 homicides reported during the same date range in 2018 (Jan 01– Feb 18, 2018).
  • To date, 2 of the 3 homicides from this date range in 2018 have been cleared and 1 remains under investigation.
  • 2 of the 3 homicides involved the use of an edged weapon, and 1 is holdback information.

*The EPS considers a file to be cleared when either a suspect is charged; a warrant is issued for arrest; if the suspect dies prior to their eventual arrest; or if the homicide is found to be a non-culpable.

We have compiled a list to the left of recent unsolved homicides, historical homicides, and homicide files with rewards offered for information. Files are organized by the decade in which the homicide occurred.

These are all considered open cases and we are appealing to the public for any helpful information regarding these files. If you have information about these cases, or any other unsolved homicide, please contact the Homicide Section or Crime Stoppers.