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1990 - 1999

The Homicide Section is committed to solving all cases; however there are some cases that remain unsolved. These cases are considered to be still open and we appeal to the public to provide any information that they have in these matters. The cases listed are only some of the unsolved homicide cases. All homicides are listed in reverse chronological order.
If you have information about these cases, or any other unsolved homicide, please contact the Homicide Section or Crime Stoppers.

Hai Van TRAN

DOB/Age: 18
EPS File #:99-084193
On August 18th, 1999 at approximately 7:30 p.m. Hai Van TRAN was driving east on 97 Avenue when he stopped for a red light at 103 Street.


DOB/Age: 17
EPS File #:99-025887
On March 14, 1999 at approximately 2:30 a.m. Justin FRANKO was involved in an altercation with a large group of people outside of a karaoke bar.

Carlos MEJIA

DOB/Age: 39 yrs
EPS File #:99-003862
On January 11, 1999, Carlos MEJIA was found lying on the floor of his bedroom in his residence near 133 Ave and 47 St. The cause of death was multiple stab wounds.

John DOE

DOB/Age: Newborn
EPS File #:98-104480
At approximately 9:20 a.m. police were summoned to the rear of an apartment building at 156 Street and 103 Avenue for a report of an infant being disposed of in the garbage bin at that location.


DOB/Age: 48
EPS File #:98-127826
On December 6th, 1998, an explosion occurred within the Lodge Hotel, at #23, 9662 Jasper Avenue.

Wayne / Gord Kreutz

DOB/Age: 46
EPS File #:98-113963
On Oct 31, 1998, Wayne was fatally shot.

Lisa Kopf

DOB/Age: 17
EPS File #:98-80982
Lisa, who also went by the name of Monika Wiley, was found on August 05, 1998.

Devinder PUREWAL

DOB/Age: 38
EPS File #:98-133000
On July 28, 1998, Devinder PUREWAL was at home when she started feeling ill.

Izaac Middleton

DOB/Age: 18
EPS File #:97-93672
On September 18, 1997, Izaac was fatally stabbed.


DOB/Age: 11 months
EPS File #:97-062387
On June 27, 1997 the infant Robin THORN was found deceased in a residence near 114 Ave and 97 St.
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