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Below is a list of people currently reported missing by the Edmonton Police Service from 1970-1979. If you have seen any of these individuals, or know any information about their whereabouts, please contact the Missing Persons Unit or Crime Stoppers

Helen Louise Leyden

DOB/Age:Born August 21, 1938
Weight:130 lbs
EPS File #:18-053053
Description: LEYDEN has black hair and Brown eyes.


DOB/Age:25 yrs at time of disappearance
EPS File #:
Description: LADEROUTE was believed to have a scar on her left cheek from her lip to her cheek bone.

Weight:140 lbs
EPS File #:76-45982
Description: black hair, brown eyes, 30-45 years old, scar on her left cheek. She was wearing a green woolen sweater, dark slacks, and brown, low heeled shoes.

Weight:105 lbs
EPS File #:75-62551
Description: Indigenous or Metis female with brown eyes and collar length hair. She was wearing a white sweater with horizontal pink stripes, brown shorts, purple panty hose, and white running shoes with a blue stripe around the upper edge of the sole. She also had a scar on her left wrist that was in the shape of an “x” and approximately an 1” square.


DOB/Age:January 19, 1937
Height:5’ 2”
Weight:120 lbs
EPS File #:72-038115
Description: Caucasian, blue eyes, wears glasses, short black hair,

DOB/Age:Approx 60
Height:5'8" - 5'10"
Weight:Approx. 165 lbs
EPS File #:79-160846
Description: White male, grey short hair, blue eyes. Wore a leg brace on one knee and walked with a brown cane. Only had one upper tooth.

Daniel Rene DUMIGAN

DOB/Age:28 yrs at time of disappearance
Weight:150 lbs
EPS File #:76-13568
Description: Black hair and brown eyes.

Ganiyu Adedeji ONABULE

DOB/Age:32 yrs at time of disappearance
Weight:130 lbs
EPS File #:75-052646/09-085544
Description: Brown hair, brown eyes and scars on his cheeks.


DOB/Age:27 yrs at time of disappearance
Weight:175 lbs
EPS File #:74-060246
Description: Brown hair, brown eyes and glasses.

Theresa Anne YAKIMCHUK

DOB/Age:23 yrs
Height:5' 4"
Weight:120 lbs
EPS File #:74-5051
Theresa Anne YAKIMCHUK was last known to be driving to a wedding in Ottawa. Police investigations regarding YAKIMCHUK's whereabouts are currently ongoing.
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