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Workplace Safety

Safety at work - basic tips

  • Avoid isolated or deserted stairways/areas of the building.
  • Know the location of the nearest exit.
  • If working after hours, keep all doors and windows locked.
  • If your company has an alarm system, know how to use it. Know the proper codes.
  • Keep your purse, wallet, keys, or other valuables with you at all times or locked in a drawer or closet.
  • Know your company’s emergency plan. If your company does not have such a plan, volunteer to help develop one.
  • If the company does not supply an emergency kit, keep your own emergency supplies (flashlight, walking shoes, water bottle, nonperishable food, etc.) in a desk drawer.
  • Report any broken or flickering lights, dimly lit corridors, broken windows, and doors that don’t lock properly.
  • If you notice signs of potential harassment, contact the appropriate supervisor immediately.
  • Check the identity of any strangers who are in your office. If anyone makes you uncomfortable, inform security or management immediately.
  • If you work at home, in addition to making your home safe and secure, you should hang window treatments that obstruct the view into your office. You don’t want to advertise your expensive office equipment.
  • If you work from home, follow the same caution with deliveries and pickups that businesses do. Anyone making a delivery to your home office should be properly identified before you open the door. Do not let the person enter your home. If you own the company, take a hard look at your business—physical layout, employees, hiring practices, operating procedures, and special security risks. Assess the company’s vulnerability to all kinds of crime, from burglary to embezzlement. Follow basic crime prevention principles and work with local law enforcement to protect your business.

Safety at work - using elevators

While waiting for an elevator:

  • Stand off to the side.
  • If confronted, push the emergency and all floor buttons.
  • DO NOT push the stop button; you may get trapped.

If you must work alone:

  • Advise company security (if applicable). Tell them you are working alone and ask them to check in on you periodically.
  • Inform security when you leave. Have them escort you to your vehicle.
  • Let family/friends know your schedule. Advise them you will call before you leave shift.