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Apartment Crime Prevention

Here are some crime prevention tips for keeping yourself and your property safe if you live in an apartment.


  • Never allow strangers into the building as you are entering or exiting.  Be aware of suspicious people loitering around the entrance as they may reach for the open door.
  • Stay alert when entering your apartment complex. Do not become distracted (i.e. talking on your cell phone). Criminals look for a weak target and are more likely to pass up someone who appears focused, aware, and strong.
  • Never buzz anyone you do not know into the building for any reason.  If someone has a legitimate excuse of being inside the complex area, arrangements would have been previously made with the tenant and/or property owner.
  • Get to know other people who live on your floor so you may be able to identify strangers. Good neighbours look after each other.
  • Report any poor lit areas such as entranceways, hallways, etc. or any overgrown shrubbery around your complex to the property owner.
  • Do not list your full name on the tenant directory board.

Elevator Safety

  • Look to see who is in the elevator before entering.  If someone looks suspicious, do not enter and wait for the next one to come.
  • When inside the elevator, stand near the control panel so you can easily press the alarm/emergency button if necessary.
  • If a suspicious person enters the elevator when you are already on, exit before the doors close.


  • Make sure that all the locks have been changed since the last tenants have moved out, as previous tenants may still have copies of keys.
  • If you lose your keys, immediately replace your locks.
  • Suite doors should have peepholes. If you do not have one, request that the property owner installs one for you.
  • Always lock your door even if you will only be out of your suite for a short period.  It only takes seconds for a criminal to enter your suite through an unlocked door.
  • Collect your newspapers and other packages on a daily basis and never let your mailbox overflow.
  • Keep a broom handle or longer piece of wood in the track of sliding glass doors to prevent exterior doors from being open from the outside.
  • Make a list of your valuables and keep accurate logs, including any identifying factors like serial numbers or engravings.