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Auto Theft

Your vehicle can be the second largest purchase you make and protecting it is very important. Learn how to prevent your vehicle from being stolen and prevent anyone from stealing your belongings from inside.

Theft of Auto

Most car security is inadequate. Thieves are able to break into and drive away with most makes and models of vehicles in less than a minute. Research shows that particular kinds of thieves favour certain models because they have found ways to easily steal them. Many of these stolen vehicles will be used in other crimes and are often involved in police pursuits. These pursuits can become a safety risk to the public and the police officers involved. Learn more about Theft of Auto and our Car Curfew program.

Theft from Auto

Most vehicle crime is opportunistic and therefore preventable. By following some straightforward advice, and working together, we can ensure that this type of crime is reduced in your community.  Learn more about Theft from Auto and how you can protect your vehicle and your licence plate.

Theft of Catalytic Converters

Catalytic converter theft continues to be a crime of opportunity that costs citizens and businesses millions of dollars each year.  While a thief might receive $200 for a stolen catalytic converter from a scrap metal recycler, the vehicle owner can be out $2,000 or more for repairs.  EPS is involved in numerous crime prevention strategies to reduce the number of thefts, but there are ways that vehicle owners can better protect themselves from catalytic converter theft.