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What would you like to report?


Report a Hate-motivated Incident Online 

Definition: A hate incident is a non-criminal action committed against a person or property, motivated in whole or in part by the suspect’s hate, bias or prejudice towards an identifiable group based on real or perceived colour, race, religion, national or ethnic origin, age, sex, sexual identity, gender identity or expression, mental or physical disability, or any other similar factor.

Examples: Racial comments or slurs, offensive symbols.


Report a Sexual Assault Online

Definition: Any sexual contact where consent is not given, consent is revoked, or you are unable to consent due to incapacitation.

Examples: Touched in a sexual manner by a stranger (i.e. on a bus, in a pool), or by a known person (i.e. partner, co-worker), forced sexual intercourse or acts. 


Report Other Crimes Online

Definition: Any category of crime that includes break and enters, damage to property, damage to vehicle, lost property, theft from vehicle under $5,000, or theft under $5,000.

Examples: Detached garage door kicked in and tools, bikes, etc. may have been stolen. Leaving personal items in a restaurant; lost wallet or purse. Bike stolen out of your yard; or cell phone stolen from a locker.


Reporting a theft of bicycle?

Are you reporting a crime that includes the theft of your bicycle? Increase your chance of getting it back by registering your bike and report it stolen on BikeIndex.org. Click to learn more.

Report a traffic concern

If you have a traffic concern of a general nature (chronic speeding vehicles in a neighbourhood, ongoing stop sign violations etc.) please report these types of concerns by filling out the online form here.

If you have a concern regarding a specific vehicle identified by a licence plate or driver and are willing to attend court in relation to charges, you must attend a Divisional police station to make a report and provide a statement.