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Concerns about the EPS

The Edmonton Police Service maintains a Professional Standards Intake Investigations Section available to discuss your concerns by phone. Intake investigators welcome the opportunity to review these concerns and to address them with the officers through various methods. In some cases, they will connect you with the direct supervisor of the police officer involved in order to address your concern.

Reporting your Concern

Anyone who has concerns about the policies, service or the actions of a police officer may make a complaint, however, it is unlawful to make a false report to police. To report your concern, contact Professional Standards Branch at (780) 421-2676 or use the online complaint form. You may also submit your concern in writing to the Chief of Police, after which it will be reviewed by the intake manager in Professional Standards Branch and assigned to an intake evaluator. Your concern may be resolved through the intervention of the officers’ supervisor or a Professional Standards Branch investigator.

Informal concerns do not need to be in writing and can be addressed by calling Professional Standards Intake Investigations Section at (780) 421-2676. However, under the Alberta Police Act a formal complaint shall be in writing and signed by the complainant where practicable. This must include the who, what, when, where and how and the names of any witnesses. The complaint should be specific to the actions of the officer or the police service. There are times where complaints against the Edmonton Police Service cannot be taken as police officers are given discretion when it comes to laying charges. The courts are the proper venue to hear evidence pertaining to charges that you may be facing. The Edmonton Police Commission and Professional Standards Branch will not intervene in that process.

Investigation Process

A formal investigation may be required if the resolution of the concern cannot be achieved through an Alternative Dispute Resolution. The formal investigation process may also be ordered immediately by the Chief of Police.

All complaints will be reviewed by the Intake Manager in Professional Standards Intake Investigations Section and then an investigator will contact you to review your concerns. If the matter requires formal investigation, it will be so directed by the Chief of Police.

Upon the conclusion of a formal investigation, the Chief of Police will review it and you will receive a letter setting out the Chiefs' decision, the reasons and any action to be taken. In addition, you will be informed of any right to appeal the decision as provided for under the Alberta Police Act.


If you have a concern about your interactions with the Edmonton Police Service, please contact the member's direct supervisor or the Professional Standards Branch.

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