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Visit a Divisional Station

Why should I visit my Divisional station?

  1. Divisional stations are available to assist with non-emergency matters which do not require an extensive investigation.
  2. Your report will help police identify ongoing crime and disorder problems in your area. All information shared by the public is valuable and will help police to better identify trends and develop potential solutions.
  3. You will be able to speak face to face with an officer who will be able to answer your questions and concerns immediately.
  4. You will receive a file number and copy of your statement, or a copy of your collision report once completed.
  5. Police can provide you with pamphlets and crime prevention information

What you can report at a station

  • Hit and run collisions.
  • Property damage collisions where vehicles are drivable and damage is over $2000 combined.
  • Injury collisions where immediate first aid is not required, injuries are minor in nature and vehicles are drivable.
  • The driver/registered owner should bring their license, vehicle documents, the vehicle involved, and/or a body shop estimate and/or photo of damages.
  • Thefts / Frauds under $5,000.00 with no suspect information. This includes online and telephone frauds where the suspect is not likely in the Edmonton area.
  • Lost property (includes lost medication, identification, or personal belongings). Prepare to bring other identification or documentation to verify your identity.
  • Found property (that can be carried into a station)
  • Theft from vehicle if property, identification or vehicle documents were stolen. (Identification will need to be verified)
  • Many of these occurrences can also be reported online
  • Officers can be contacted with any questions about what they can assist you with at a station.
  • Note: Crimes which are captured on video where there is a good suspect image or involves a specific suspect known to the complainant require a patrol response. Divisional station officers are unable to leave the station to complete the follow up tasks required for these investigations.
  • Surrender of firearms, ammunition and explosives-call the complaint line at 780-423-4567 for direction. DO NOT bring these items into the station without calling the complaint line first.

Please know that all stations are closed on Statutory Holidays!