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Bike Index

Bike Index 
is a non-profit online bicycle registry. It's a simple solution to prove ownership, alert the community if your bike has been stolen, and search a bicycle you found to find its owner. 

Visit Bike Index here.

In 2019, the Edmonton Police Service partnered with the online bicycle registry Bike Index in attempt to deter bike theft from the moment you purchase your bicycle. And if your bicycle is ever lost or stolen, we can return it to you A.S.A.P.

As soon as you purchase your bike, or the moment you read this, you can go to BikeIndex.org and register your bike in about two minutes. Best part? It’s completely free - forever. If you sell the bike you've registered, you can update your Bike Index information with the press of a button. Bike Index makes it easy to transfer your bicycle’s information to the new owner’s account – all you need is the buyer’s email address and you can transfer it over.  


EPS Bicycle Registration Events - Spring/Summer 2024

The Edmonton Police Service will be holding multiple outdoor public registration events throughout the spring and summer. Citizens are invited to ride your bike down to any of our upcoming events to have our officers register your bicycle for you. We're making it as easy as possible!


Join us at any of the following Bike Index registration events:


2024 Dates Time Location
 July 14  3:00 PM - 7:00 PM  Constable Ezio Faraone Park
 August 5  12:00 PM - 6:00 PM  Heritage Days
 Sept. 14 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM  Old Strathcona Farmer's Market


*Please note, dates, times, and locations are subject to change, so please check back closer to each event date.


Registering your bike on Bike Index

If you can't make it to one of our registration events, don't worry! It's easy to do from the comfort of your home. Simply create an account at BikeIndex.org. You’ll need to provide your bike’s details including serial number, make, model, and colour. Add a photo and additional details like aftermarket parts, unique markings or stickers, etc. – the more details the better. Add a phone number to your profile when you register! Only law enforcement will be able to see it.


If you include your phone number, any EPS officer who finds your bike can contact you immediately to notify you of your bike’s whereabouts. This will allow an easier transition for us to return your bike to you.


After you register, you can pick up a free unique sticker from an EPS front counter or participating Edmonton bike shop (listed to the right). You don’t need a sticker to register your bike with Bike Index. But a Bike Index/EPS sticker is:

  • a unique identifier so anyone with a smartphone can instantly be taken to your Bike Index registry page to contact you if they believe it’s stolen
  • another deterrent for potential bike thieves as it shows your bike is watched by the entire community
  • made of strong material to weather any storm and is extremely difficult to take off
  • And it’s free!

Linking your Bike Index sticker to your account:

  1. Place your sticker on the seat tube of your bicycle (the bar that extends from the saddle, down to the bottom bracket).
  2. Scan the sticker’s QR code with your smartphone camera or QR scanner app and open the link.
  3. Link your bike by searching your bike description, email address, or bike’s serial number and click ‘Link It’ when your bike is listed.



My bike was stolen – Now what?

If your bike goes missing, mark it as lost or stolen on BikeIndex.org so if anyone finds your bike and searches it on Bike Index, they can contact you with its whereabouts. Don’t forget to report stolen bicycles to police (online or by phone at 780-423-4567) too. 

Didn't register your bike before it went missing? No problem! You can still create an account for your bicycle and mark it stolen on Bike Index. That way, if someone finds it, you can be contacted and reunited.

My stolen bike is listed for sale online!

Many stolen bicycles are found for sale online by the suspect. If you find your bike being sold online:

  • Take screenshots of the ad – ensure the ad # and any seller contact information is recorded
  • Have your proof of ownership ready (your Bike Index account should have all the necessary details like serial #, Bike Index sticker number, photos, etc.)
  • Contact police immediately at 780-423-4567 or come to a police station


NEVER contact the suspect or arrange to meet the suspect yourself. For your safety and proper investigative measures, please let police officers take care of this.


Click here to read what to do if EPS has your bicycle in our Police Seized Vehicle Lot. Remember: You MUST have your serial number to retrieve your bike. Being able to provide this information is where Bike Index is perfect!

Participating Edmonton Bike Stores

You can get your free sticker and assistance with the registration process at these participating locations: 

  • Allsports & Cycle 
  • BikeWorks North
  • BikeWorks South
  • Cranky’s locations
  • Cycle Logic
  • Element Cycling & Multisport
  • Gateway Power Sports
  • Hardcore Bikes
  • MEC Brewery District
  • MEC South
  • Mud Sweat and Gears
  • Pedalhead Bikes
  • Pedalhead Road Works
  • Red Bike
  • Revolution Cycle
  • TTC Motorsports LTD
  • United Cycle
  • E-bike Edmonton
  • Martin Motor Sports
  • Riverside Motor Sports