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Found Bicycles

Only a fraction of the bicycles the Edmonton Police Service claims are returned to their owners. With the help of our Bike Index partnership, we are able to reunite more bikes with their rightful owners, but not all bicycles are registered. When the EPS cannot identify a bike's owner, they go to our Property Exhibit Unit, and if still unclaimed, they go for auction.

If you believe your bicycle has been recovered by police, contact the Property Exhibit Unit at 780-421-2158. 

Leave a message for a technician to call you back. Include:

  • Your name and number
  • Bike serial number
  • Police report or file number
  • Detailed description of the bike

NOTE: Recovered bicycles are stored in a secure facility and access by the general public is not permitted.

To reclaim your bicycle, you will need to provide the Property Exhibit Unit with:

  • A Copy of the police report or file number

  • Photo I.D.

  • The serial number for your bike (in the form of a Bill of Sale, purchase receipt, warranty card, photograph, or other documented form)

  • A detailed description of your bike including any aftermarket parts

  • A photo of you and your bike is an asset.

This is where a Bike Index registry comes in hand — all of this information is already in your bicycle profile! Click to learn more about Bike Index.

Bicycle Auctions


Bicycle auctions are now hosted by Michener Allen Auctions. If you are interested in attending a bicycle auction, please call 780-470-5584 to receive auction details.