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Property & Exhibit FAQ

I found some property, what should I do with it?

If not an emergency (such as dangerous product(s), explosive material, hazardous goods, etc) please contact your local Community Station or the Police complaint line at 423-4567 for directions on how to proceed.

If it is an emergency, please contact either 911 (life and death situation or imminent danger to life/property is present) or our general complaint line at 423-4567 (if not life and death situation).

I would like to contact the finder of my property. Can you provide me with their information?
Release of personal information is not permitted without express permission of that person. As a result, unless the finder provides/requests that authorization at time of initial contact with the police, then no contact information will be provided.
I have a question about the police investigation and what is happening. Who do I contact?
Please contact the investigating officer directly. If you are unsure who that is contact either your nearest Community/Divisional Station (phone numbers can be located in the blue pages of the phone book, or elsewhere on this website) or alternately, contact the police complaint line at 423-4567 for assistance.