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Police Cadets

The Edmonton Police Service Cadet Corps is excited to announce new changes to the program structure.

Programs will meet on Wednesday between 1800 – 2100 hrs. All participants are required to volunteer throughout the program term.  A variety of opportunities will be provided to participants.

The program reinforces four core values that mirror those of the Edmonton Police Service:

  1. Citizenship – participating in community events alongside key partners to increase valuing service and diversity competency.
  2. Leadership – giving opportunity for young people to develop and grow in their personal resiliency. Opportunities to increase confidence and lead peers will be available
  3. Pride & Discipline – sessions are designed to challenge the mind, body and self. Participants will receive assignments that will require teamwork in order to reach final goal. Young people will develop an understanding of respect and trust.
  4. Challenge – The program works hard at provide personal and team challenges that provide youth with a new realization of what they can achieve.

Edmonton Police Cadet Corps

A program that will increase understanding of a career in law enforcement, increase physical fitness levels, gain a better understanding of the Edmonton Police Service application process and requirements and develop your leadership skills.

Basic Requirements to Participate:

  • High School Students who are strongly interested in a career in Law Enforcement (Grades 10-12) 
  • Submission of application and assignment
  • Undergo a screening process which includes an Enhanced Police Information Check. (this check includes a review of  immediate family members and residents of the household)
  • Fitness Testing and a panel interview
  • Maintain a high level of integrity

This is Who We Are - Cadets

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