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Investigative Excellence

Canadian Case Law has set precedents regarding the importance of conducting competent investigations.  The Edmonton Police Service recognizes that both crime and the related investigative procedures have become increasingly complex in recent years. In response to these trends, the EPS has continued to strive toward conducting comprehensive investigative processes. 

Whether the case is large or small, conducting high quality investigations instills public confidence and leads to greater likelihood of solving and addressing crime. Investigative excellence may be reflected in increased clearance rates and successful prosecutions that support the administration of justice.

The Edmonton Police Service has a number of initiatives aimed at Investigative Excellence. Some examples include:

  • Criminal Intelligence
  • Crime Stoppers
  • Investigative Skills Education Program (ISEP)
  • Major Case Management approach for complex files
  • Information Management and Approval Centre (IMAC)
  • Domestic Offenders Crimes Section (DOCS)
  • Integrated investigative units with law enforcement partners