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What To Do

Businesses receiving STOREWATCH certification will be provided with a training guide designed to assist business owners, managers and employees cope with the serious threat of robbery. The guide provides information on:

  • What to do before a robbery;
  • How to maintain the safety of both customers and employees during a robbery;
  • What to do after a robbery for employee safety and to assist in the arrest of the suspect(s).

Use the STORE principle:

Stay calm - control your fear by making mental notes of the suspect.

Tell the suspect(s) what you’re going to do. Do exactly what is asked. Don’t make any sudden unexpected moves, and do not volunteer information.

Obey the suspect(s) demands. Give them what they ask for.

Remember the suspect(s) description - height, weight, age, accent, facial hair, hair colour, hat, mask, clothing, logos, tears or other unusual markings.

Evidence. Protect any evidence left at the scene. Once the suspect(s) have left, lock the doors and call 911. Provide the name and address of the store, suspect description, vehicle, (if any) and the direction of travel. Stay on the line with police until instructed to hang up.