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Cooperative Policing

The Edmonton Police Service operates the Cooperative Policing Program and works in partnership with companies who employ Loss Prevention Officers or Contract Security. These employees are trained in the policies and procedures of the program as outlined by the EPS.

Through this program, business are able to combat shoplifting and other crimes within their stores. In addition, cooperative policing helps the investigative process and allows business to share intelligence about repeat offenders.

The first concept of Cooperative Policing began in 1983 followed by the inception of a pilot project in 1984 involving 6 retail stores. In 1999 a 6-month pilot project for the addition of the Alternative Measures Program for shoplifters, with the releases being done directly by security and loss prevention personnel, was introduced involving 3 North-side business partners. This addition proved to be successful and was adopted citywide in 2000.

Cooperative Policing consists of over 75 businesses, with approximately 1700 trained Security/Loss Prevention personnel, with about 400 of those personnel also trained in Alternative Measures.