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Race-based Data Collection

In 2018 the federal government directed Statistics Canada to prepare to collect disaggregated race-based data with the intent of better understanding how Indigenous and racialized communities are impacted by inequity and systemic racism across the country.

Policing was identified as one of the first organizations Statistics Canada would work with in developing a consistent approach to data categorization. As part of this initiative, Statistics Canada is consulting the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police to establish uniform reporting metrics with the intent to start collecting race data from police agencies in 2024.

EPS does not currently collect race-based data but is preparing for this new reporting requirement. Once further direction is confirmed by our government partners, including guidance on how data will be collected, we will have conversations with Indigenous and racialized communities on what collection looks like in Edmonton.


Frequently Asked Questions


How will the information be collected?

There are many ways race data can be collected. For example, it could be included in government managed databases much like health or other personal records. We are awaiting further guidance from our government partners on what that looks like.

Will it be collected for all police interactions?

Currently, Statistics Canada only plans to collect race data for identities of accused persons and victims of crime.

Will you report back to the public on your findings once you begin collecting data?

We will work with the Edmonton Police Commission to determine how disaggregated data will be integrated into our public-facing reports in the future.

Does the EPS also collect race-based data on employees?

EPS’ EDI Committee has begun collecting self-identified information on senior leadership. We also collect self-identified information on recruit classes, which helps inform the recruitment, selection, and advancement of our current and future employees.