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With an increased focus on collaboration, strategic planning, and accountability, policing in Edmonton is headed in a new direction. The Edmonton Police Commission (EPC) and the Edmonton Police Service (EPS) have identified five strategic directions to provide the framework for advancing community policing and improving how the EPS conducts business. The following strategic directions form the foundation for the development of the operating and capital budget:
  • Reduced Crime and Victimization;
  • Citizen-centred policing; and  
  • A Model of Efficiency and Effectiveness.

Under the governance of the Edmonton Police Commission (EPC), the Edmonton Police Service (EPS) focuses its efforts on a four-part policing mandate to prevent crime, enforce the laws, address matters of public safety, and maintain social order – all within a city that continues to experience tremendous growth but still requires the same levels of service for all its citizens.

As the EPS strives to build safe communities through leadership and policing excellence, its members achieve this through the day-to-day work practice known as community policing. Community policing, simply put, is the delivery of effective and efficient policing services by collaborating with the citizens of Edmonton. Each police officer, regardless of their assigned work area and specific responsibilities, is expected to follow this work practice.

The nature of community policing is characterized by joint consultations, formalized partnerships, cooperative problem solving, proactive crime prevention as well as essential response, investigation and enforcement activities.

The 2023 Fall Supplemental Budget Adjustment process can be complex but it’s important for citizens to understand. An FAQ to help you explore your questions related to the Edmonton Police Service Budget is linked here.