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EPS Leadership

The Edmonton Police Service consists of five bureaus - each one focusing on a specific area of policing.

Community Policing Bureau - Deputy Chief Darren Derko

Deputy Chief Darren Derko has been a member of the Edmonton Police Service (EPS) for over three decades.  He brings a wealth of experience to his role leading the Community Policing Bureau, having held a wide range of positions, including Deputy Chief of Corporate Service Bureau, Superintendent of Northeast Branch, and Inspector in the Human Resources Division. 

Derko was the Special Advisor to the Associate Deputy Minister at Alberta Justice and Solicitor General.  In this role, he worked to build a closer relationship with this important partner by helping them to better understand the realities of policing in a major urban center.

He was the executive sponsor for the successful implementation of the service’s Vision 2020 which was designed to provide more support to patrol officers and develop off-ramps from the criminal justice system.

Community Policing Bureau provides policing services to maintain peace and good order, protect lives and property, and prevent and detect crimes. These services are provided through six patrol divisions (West, Northwest, Northeast, Downtown, Southeast and Southwest) offering primary street-level police services to the community on a 24 hour, 7 day a week basis.

Through his years of service and his education in college and university, Derko has gained a broad understanding of the workings of the EPS, and brings a front line, operational perspective to Community Policing Bureau.  

Community Safety and Well-Being Bureau - Deputy Chief Warren Driechel

Warren Driechel is the Deputy Chief of the Community Safety and Well-being Bureau at the Edmonton Police Service and his 27-year career highlights his commitment to innovation, leadership, and operational excellence.

In his most recent capacity as the Executive Officer to the Chief, Driechel plays a pivotal role in shaping strategic initiatives and facilitating communication between various departments. Prior to this, he served as the Superintendent of the Information Technology Division, where he spearheaded transformative changes in data organization and technology development.  

Throughout his career, Driechel has made significant contributions across diverse operational areas within law enforcement. He has a proven track record of leading and developing police intelligence units and programs, driving impactful initiatives in organize crime and gang investigation teams, and providing invaluable expertise in recruit training. Furthermore, his hands-on experience in patrol and neighborhood foot patrol underscores his commitment to community engagement and proactive policing strategies.

Investigation and Support Services Bureau  - Deputy Chief Devin Laforce 

Deputy Chief Devin Laforce joined the Edmonton Police Service in 1999.

He has worked in a variety of roles with an emphasis on forensic science and investigations.  As a manager, he has been involved with strategic business planning, professional development, Investigative Support Division (ISD), and developed Research and Development Division, showcasing his ability to drive key initiatives and achieve transformational change.

In his current role, he directs a bureau critical for tackling wide-ranging investigative and operational challenges. His oversight includes CID, ISD, and the Operational Support Division (OSD). CID deals with severe concerns like domestic violence, financial crimes, and intricate cases of homicides and organized crime. ISD enhances EPS’s investigative capabilities through the skills and support of forensic sciences, cybercrime, covert operations, and patrol investigations. OSD enhances operational response through units that include tactical, K9, flight operations, and traffic services.

Deputy Chief Laforce’s role encapsulates his drive for excellence and collaboration. His leadership is pivotal in responding to the diverse challenges faced by the service today. 

Corporate Services Bureau - Chief Administrative Officer Justin Krikler

Justin Krikler is the Chief Administrative Officer of the Corporate Services Bureau.

He has oversight of Human Resources; Training, Recruitment & Development; Finance; and Fleet, Facilities & Supply Chain.

Justin is an experienced lawyer and has participated in Provincial legal reform including the overall review of the Alberta Police Act.

He has also taught senior police leaders on subjects including civilian oversight of police and professional accountability.

Justin is an active member of the Alberta Association of Chiefs of Police – Awards Committee. He works with police leaders across the province to recognize incredible contributions to public safety.

Justin is also on the sponsor board of the Special Forces Pension Plan.

Justin is passionate about building a strong Corporate Services Bureau to support the many employees of the Edmonton Police Service in our collective service to Edmontonians.

Office of the Chief - Chief Operations Officer/Chief of Staff Enyinnah Okere  

Enyinnah Okere is the Chief Operations Officer (COO) of the Edmonton Police Services' Office of the Chief. In his role, he oversees leadership, vision, and strategic direction of the Corporate Communications Division, Legal Services and the Value and Impact Division. Enyinnah previously held the position of COO of EPS' Community Safety and Well-being Bureau, where he was integral in establishing the bureau's direction.

Enyinnah spearheaded the EPS LGBTQ2S+ apology and led the Commitment to Action initiative – the Service's largest public engagement initiative with Edmonton's racialized community. He also chairs the Alberta Association of Chiefs of Police (AACP) Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee.

Outside of his role as COO, he serves as co-founder of REET Institute, a social impact platform designed to mentor high school students to become the next generation of commercial real estate industry leaders.

Innovation and Information Bureau - Chief Information and Technology Officer Ron Anderson


Ron has been with the Edmonton Police Service as the Chief Information and Technology Officer since 2019 and oversees the Innovation and Information Bureau which includes Information Technology Division and Information Management and Analytics, Intelligence and Reporting Division. Prior to this, Ron was an Assistant Deputy Minister at Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Corrections and Policing. He has also served on the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police Information Communications & Technology Committee for 16 years and on the Statistics Canadian Criminal Justice Statistics Liaison Committee for 7 years. Ron has worked in the private sector in the Information Technology field and with the Prince Albert Police Service.

Ron is an active community member both locally and internationally through his volunteer work and as a a board member for the Missing Children Society of Canada.