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Vision 2020

Year after year, citizen calls for police service and assistance have been rising, placing increasing demands on frontline officers and challenging the Edmonton Police Service to rethink the way it operates.

Vision 2020 is an organizational review and restructuring of existing EPS resources aimed to better manage service demands by balancing traditional enforcement with additional social supports. It positions EPS as a modern police service that places community well-being and safety at the forefront, while becoming smarter and more efficient in reducing crime.


Vision 2020 began in early 2019 upon arrival of Chief of Police Dale McFee. Through extensive internal consultation, EPS members identified areas of improvement and opportunities for change that were solidified in 75 recommendations. By late 2019, the Service began taking it’s first steps toward a new way of operating. 


At the heart of Vision 2020 and its recommendations are three fundamental concepts:

  1. Maintain and improve core policing functions that support community safety while reducing crime, disorder and victimization.
  2. Further develop relationships with external social service agencies and community partners to support individuals to break free of the arrest-release-remand cycle and divert them from the criminal justice system.
  3. Realign organizational structure to encourage increased collaboration, efficiency and innovation.

Work on Vision 2020 is well underway, and the majority of the 75 recommendations are expected to be complete by early 2021.