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Cannabis Safety

Getting high? Rules apply.

Although Cannabis is legal in Canada, there are new laws that cannabis users must follow.

Online Sales

In Alberta, the only website that can legally sell recreational cannabis is the AGLC website. Read more here.


Edibles and cannabis-infused products are now legalized for sale by licensed producers only. You cannot sell edibles or cannabis-infused products at fairs, farmer’s markets, pet stores, yoga studios, etc.

Cannabis and Driving

Like alcohol, consuming cannabis with THC causes impairment. Cannabis users can be charged with impaired driving if they have more than the legal limit of THC in their blood. Learn more about the cannabis-related impaired driving laws here.

Selling & Sharing Cannabis

Cannabis is legal in Canada, but there are still rules around sharing cannabis and selling cannabis. Before you share or think you can sell your cannabis, learn the laws. Read more here.