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Animal Cruelty Investigation Unit (ACIU)

Research has proven that violence towards animals and people are often interconnected and that the presence of animal cruelty and its level of severity may play a role in being able to predict other types of violent behavior. This violence can include homicide, sexual assault, arson, family violence and child abuse, and is often described as “The Violence Link”. 

The Edmonton Police Service recognizes this connection and that is why we take all concerns of intentional harm to animals or cases of severe neglect extremely serious. The Animal Cruelty Investigation Unit (ACIU) is the first of its kind implemented by a law enforcement agency in Canada. Simply put, we need to protect animals if we want to protect people and that is why ACIU’s unofficial motto is “to protect and to serve all of us”.

The laws involving animals and animal cruelty investigations are often complex and require a dedicated team of experienced investigators to ensure abusers face the maximum penalties laid out under the law, while receiving help to address their abusive behaviour towards animals. 

ACIU works in collaboration with the City of Edmonton Peace Officers (Animal Care and Control) and local Veterinary Clinics to ensure the safety of all animals living in Edmonton.

Lost pets: Please contact Animal Care and Control at 311 or click here.
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A Vehicle is not a Babysitter

Download our Vehicle is not a Babysitter handbill so you know what to do if you see an unattended child or animal in a car on a hot day.