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About Edmonton

The City of Edmonton is known for many things. It’s been called the City of Champions, Festival City and the Cultural Capital of Canada. We love it because it is a friendly, beautiful city. Our booming economy and diverse workforce makes it both a great place to work and live.


Edmonton has the largest natural city parks system on the continent. If you like biking or walking trails, enjoy a picnic or need an off-leash dog park we have it all.


Edmonton is a great place to raise a family as it is recognized throughout Canada as a leader in children's education, college and university training and as a centre of research.

Are you interested in higher learning? Edmonton is also home to several reputable post-secondary institutions including the University of Alberta, MacEwan University and the publicly-funded college, Norquest, a technical institute (NAIT), and several private colleges and training institutes. No matter how old, Edmonton has many opportunities to learn.

Arts and Culture

If you like food, music or art, Edmonton is the city for you with more than 40 festivals throughout the year. From the The Works Festival at the beginning of the summer, to the world's second largest Fringe Festival, and many others, Edmonton has a festival that will suit your taste.


With excellent sports facilities and a huge active population, Edmonton is a great city to play in! If you prefer a spectator’s seat, we have several competitive sports teams with plenty of avid fans to cheer along with. Our professional sports teams include the Edmonton Oilers, the Edmonton EskimosEdmonton Oil Kings, and FC Edmonton.