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EPS Cyber Crimes find illegal substances sold to Canadians on Darkweb


Earlier this year, the Edmonton Police Cyber Crimes Investigative Detail became aware of suspicious activity on the dark web from a partner agency.

This summer, officers came upon information that a highly radio-active and toxic metal (polonium-210) was being sold on the Darknet Marketplace to Canadians. Upon initial investigation, the suspects appeared to be residing and operating in Germany, so the Edmonton Police Service shared their intelligence with multiple German law enforcement agencies.


The German Federal Criminal Office launched an official investigation in July 2017 after receiving sensitive information that several persons were in violation of the Narcotics Act, the War Weapons Control Act and the Chemicals Act.


Three men were charged in relation to possession and trafficking fentanyl hydrochloride, carfentanyl hydrochloride and bioterrorism weapons (botulinum toxin and potassium cyanide). Several litres of unknown liquids, powder-like substances and other paraphernalia were seized.  


As technology has progressed, criminals have created new ways to commit crimes.  Often, the dark web is misused by criminals because it provides more anonymity.


 “This file highlights the real-time intelligence shared between international policing agencies,” says Deputy Chief Greg Preston. “Our EPS officers are truly committed to creating safer communities around the globe.”


EPS Cyber Crimes Investigation Detail was formalized about two years ago. Criminals are more frequently exploiting the speed, ease and anonymity of the Internet to commit a diverse range of criminal activities that lack borders, either physical or virtual.


For more information about this investigation, please contact the Cologne State Prosecutor’s Office and see their news release (in German) for details.