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Compliment a Cop

We have compiled some compliments we have received to recognize the positive work our officers are doing in the community.

 I want to appreciate the excellent work done by Cst. Wedman on November 3, 2020 in helping with a spousal abuse case. I reported the matter from British Columbia and was exceptionally thrilled with his efforts. He truly put my family and the rescued victim's family at easy with his ongoing updates. I knew the victim was in great hands the minute Cst. called to do his initial collection of data. He explained what the plan was, collected the necessary information and approached the matter very professionally. I appreciate the effort of the case reporter with ensuring there was an Urdu speaking personal available for the victim and thank Cst. for reassuring me of this. His handling tactics and calm response not only put the victim at ease but truly appreciate by all families involved. Thank you for being an excellent hero, you saved another young life.Thank you for all your hard work Cst. Today you have the prayers from all families involved for your heroic efforts in this matter and all others you have or will ever encounter. Keep up the excellent work.

A video was made of Lexi and her friends who made thank you cards for EPS members and they went to NE Division to distribute them.

A year ago, I had to call 911. Emergency responders, including EPS, came to my home. I will forever be grateful for the kindness, compassion, and support shown to me by the Victim Services Unit of the Edmonton City Police at an extremely difficult time.

Today I had a very terrifying experience at work. A person with mental health issues who was removed from the store I manage yesterday for being threatening and unstable returned to my store and tried to make me sell him a knife today. I was terrified. Your officers Kayla Hurd and her Partner, I’m sorry, I did not get his name, could not have been more comforting, kind or patient. I was unable to stop crying, I was shaken to my core because I was assured yesterday this man would never be back in (the mall).

Your officers did not rush me through my statement. They allowed me to cry and ask a million questions. By the time they left me in my store all I could think about was how special these two officers are. Sir, these officers were not just doing their job. The look of compassion in their eyes, their gentle approach and understanding was something I will share whenever EPS comes up in future conversations.

During these horrible Covid times where people are often belligerent and rude and not anxious to be near their own families for fear of getting sick your officer Kayla did the kindest thing I could of ever asked for….

Your officers are the only reason I will be back in my store tomorrow with confidence that if nothing else, Kayla and her Partner will be near by watching for this person should he be released from custody.

I wish so much that every person in Edmonton could know what it’s like or how good it feels when you have officers like these two show up in a time of need.

Thank you Sir for having officers like this (in) your (service).

I like to send a big thank you to Cst. Summa Noel (Reg. #4154) and her female colleague (unfortunately, I don't know her name). They attended the scene of the road traffic accident which I was involved in. My son was with me at the time of that accident. They ensured our safety, helped us to call for a tow truck and find the nearest shop to take my car. They also gave us a safe ride to return home. They were kind, caring, considerate and polite. They were really helpful in that very stressful situation. Please share my thanks and appreciation with them. Thank you so much, I will never ever forget your help and support. I wish you well in your life and career.

An anonymous individual left a note on the rail outside of Downtown Division. The fabric is in the shape of a heart with the words: "Thank You EPS for protecting us."

Constable Scott Limon,

Thank you so much, once again, for the generous help you offered me today with my car!  It warms my heart to know that there are good people looking out for us and ensuring that we are safe.  So often a blind eye is turned when something isn't our problem, but you did not do that today and potentially saved my life, if not at least my little car.  You honestly went above and beyond and I am forever grateful for that!

And you were right, the second those hub spacers were off, my car drove no problem.  I made it to Sherwood Park with all 4 tires attached!  Costco checked it out and all 4 tires and rims are good and there is no damage.  A lesson well learned that I hope I won't need to worry about again in the future!

Amanda has had after school work alternatives for restitution, she has prevention presentations for the students and she is working to get support for students in outside agencies. An example is the addiction councilor. Amanda is a great fit for Spruce. She has spunk and energy that the kids love and the parents appreciate. Her heart is big and that is what it takes to work at Spruce.

A Northeast Division family attended the division to put up signs, balloons, and blue ribbons in the parking lot to support all the work EPS does everyday in the community.

Constable Bowen has forged strong relationships within the community at the school she serves. She is a good communicator and speaks to the student body in a very professional manner. She has presented successfully to large and small groups of students and staff.  Constable Bowen can be counted upon to provide a professional public face that supports both the EPS and the Edmonton Catholic School District. We continue to work at ensuring her EPS commitments and school needs are harmonized as best as possible.

A couple of weeks ago, two officers from the Millwoods precinct visited our home in response to an incident we reported in our neighbourhood. We called that morning, and they were on our doorstep less than an hour later. They were professional, respectful, and proactive. They even took our 5 & 8 year old daughters outside to look at their police car!

They turned the lights on, and let them each try on a bulletproof vest. It completely made their day, and ours too! I have lived in the Edmonton Millwoods area for 16 years now, and have visited that precinct a few times throughout the years for different reasons. I have always witnessed a high level of professionalism and felt they handled my cases effectively. Police officers are under scrutinization right now, and I think it’s important to remember that there are a lot of tremendous officers out there, who DO make a difference! Thank you for doing what you do!

Christy has built a reputation with students based on approachability, trust, competence and fairness. She regularly presents in classrooms on a variety of topics, is the co-lead of our GSA Club and hosts monthly “Coffee with Consty” mornings which are open to all students. Christy also coaches our Sr. Women’s Basketball team which has been a vital contribution to the school Athletics Program. In addition to attending and running sessions for our School Council, parents and community members regularly seek her out and she actively engages these populations when the need arises. She is approachable and key stakeholders trust and value her input and role in the school community.

Members in Downtown Division received some words of encouragement and treats from an anonymous individual thanking them for their service.

In response to Chief Dale McFee's CBC interview from June 12, a citizen wrote this note: Congratulations!! So well done!! You explained so clearly the complex nature of the services provided and the steps and parties necessarily involved to make successful racism changes system-wide. It was so encouraging to hear the comprehensive picture that you created and the necessary involvements and steps to make the lasting changes at this critical time. The moment and momentum are here! I wish you every success in leading the systemic changes and improvements. God Bless!

This card was dropped off at the front counter of Northeast Division. It stated: "you all have a very difficult job that not very many people can do… we appreciate you, and just wanted to let you know." While the card included a gift card, EPS paid it forward by donating it to the Community Health Empowerment and Wellness (C.H.E.W) Project YEG. For vulnerable LGBTQ2S+ youth experiencing homelessness in Edmonton, the OUTpost is a new drop-in centre designed specifically for LGBTQ2S+ youth where they can sleep, eat, shower, or simply hang out in a warm and safe environment. Created by the C.H.E.W Project, a community-based initiative created by the University of Alberta’s Institute for Sexual Minority Studies & Services, the OUTpost offers them a judgement-free space where they can be themselves.

My 16 year old son just got his driver's licence and new car. Yesterday we insured his new car and got it registered in his name. His VERY first day on the road, he went to Tim Horton's drive thru, there was a police car behind him in line. When he got his drink he parked in the lot, at that time the police car pulled up behind him, the officer came up to his window and motioned him to roll down the window........my son was wondering what he did wrong? The officer said "I ran your plate while I was behind you in the drive thru line and I see you just got the car today, congratulations! I wanted your first experience with the police to be a positive one. I thought this was VERY cool, let the teen know you see him and to be aware, but also put a positive spin on it. Thank you.

The Edmonton Public School Board reached out to send EPS this note: Just wanted to reach out and let you know that lots of us here really appreciate all the support we get from the Edmonton Police Services. Over the years, many members have become important role models for a number of our most vulnerable students. Please extend my thanks to your network of members.

I am writing with a note of recognition and personal thanks to my colleagues with the Edmonton Police Service.

I had an occasion to visit family friends in Edmonton. Unfortunately, one of their family members was going through a very difficult time with an addiction and mental health issue. The family offered to drive him to the hospital, which he refused. It was obvious that medical assistance was required, so I called 911.

The professionalism, compassion and care shown from that first telephone call was remarkable. I wish to thank Cst. Craig Hordal for thoughtfully taking the time to gather the initial information for the responding officers. Craig demonstrated a high degree of care and empathy for the family’s situation.

Cst. Tyson Sergent and his partner (regrettably I was not able to get his name) attended the residence. I cannot thank them enough for the approach they took in dealing with the young man.

After assessing safety, it was obvious that Tyson put the young fellow’s well-being and care at the forefront of his approach to ensure the best possible outcome. He took the time to calmly speak to him. Further, he reassured him that he would be safe and protected. Owing to these efforts, the young man went with Tyson and partner to seek the care he needed.

I don’t know the leadership group at Northwest Division or that of Cst. Hodal, but grateful if you are able to provide this note of thanks to these well-deserving members of your service. While this was an incredibly difficult time for the family, the compassion and care shown to their loved one was greatly appreciated.

Thank-you again.

To all of our YEG cops,

I’ll be honest, we aren’t your typical supporters. We are the tattooed, motorcycle riding people who get a few too many speeding tickets a year. But I’ll say this, defunding the police has to be the most disappointing thing we’ve ever heard. The entire defunding platform is a peephole into the lack of education and understanding that some people lack when it comes to the work you do.

As a paramedic, I have heavily depended on police, and truly believe if some of these “defunding” supporters had an opportunity to shadow an officer for a day, they’d be taking their name off that petition quicker than we try to get away from you guys on our bikes (haha, kidding). So here is a note to say, we appreciate you, we support you and thank you for everything you do to keep our city safe and functional.

"We support you.

We thank you.

We appreciate you.

Thank you, EPS."