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Media Guidelines

EPS Corporate Communications manages all internal and external mass communication initiatives on behalf of the EPS. 

The EPS has two formal processes for handling information requests. The main process is through the FOIPP Unit, which serves the general public and handles complex media requests that require extensive time and research. There is generally a fee associated with these types of requests.

The other process is through the EPS Media Relations Unit. This process allows media outlets to obtain limited types of information quickly, at no cost, in order to meet their deadlines. 

This expedited process is not available to the public, nor is it available to people or organizations representing private or political interests, including lobby and advocacy groups. In order to access this expedited process, the following criteria must be met:

The requester must be either an employee of a recognized media outlet, or, if independent, they must provide proof of recent and regular publications with content that is readily available in the public realm. 

The requester’s publication must meet widely recognized standards of professional and ethical journalism, namely: 

  • Truth and accuracy: It is expected that the journalist reports facts with known origins, refrains from deliberate omission of relevant facts, and corrects errors in any published materials.
  • Independence and impartiality: It is expected that the journalist does not represent a political party or private interest group.
  • Fairness: it is expected that the journalist will use fair and professional means of obtaining information, be forthcoming in their status as a journalist and provide background or angle of their story if requested.
  • Responsibility: it is expected that the journalist will refrain from contributing to hateful or discriminatory discourse.


Our commitment:

The EPS Media Relations Unit (MRU) is committed to providing all media members who meet the guidelines above with service that is: 

  • Courteous and professional
  • Timely: same-day service is provided whenever possible. Complex data requests can take a week or more to fulfil; media are asked to make such requests as far in advance of their deadline as possible.
  • Fair: all media outlets are treated equally.


MRU is bound by all relevant legislation, such as the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, the Criminal Code, and the Youth Criminal Justice Act, and has a duty to protect the integrity of police investigations. As such, MRU members may not be at liberty to release detailed information about police investigations, operations and tactics, personal information about accused persons, etc.

MRU, and Corporate Communications as a whole, also have the duty to ensure that all external communication content is accurate and appropriate, thereby protecting the reputation of the EPS. In addition to pertinent legislation, MRU is also guided by the EPS Corporate Communications Policy and Media & Police Relations Policy. 

In the event that MRU is unable to provide the information requested, the requester will be notified as soon as possible and directed to the FOIPP office.

Revocation of accreditation:

The requester will be denied service if they engage in disrespectful conduct, including abuse, harassment, threats, personal attacks, libel or slander of EPS employees. 

The requester may be given reduced service or denied service if information provided is repeatedly ignored, misused or misquoted after an initial warning.