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Police Information Check Section

The Police Information Check Section of the Edmonton Police Service recognizes the importance of receiving a Police Information Check in a timely and convenient manner and is pleased to offer a number of service options to assist in this process. 

The Police Information Check Section is very pleased to offer “on the spot” service at no extra charge at its Nexus location for applicants immediately requiring a Police Information Check. 

The Police Information Check Section is further committed to serving all customers attending its Nexus location in 60 minutes or less depending on customer volumes.  A “pay & go” service option is also available to those applicants not immediately requiring a Police Information Check. 

As an added convenience, a Police Information Check application can be submitted at any Edmonton Police Service divisional or community station except when:

  • The applicant has a criminal record,
  • The Police Information Check is required to become a security guard, locksmith or loss prevention officer; or

  • The verification of a photo is required. Note: The Police Information Check Section will only verify photos for the purpose of security guard/locksmith/loss prevention officer licences.

A Police Information Check is much more comprehensive than a Criminal Records Check provided by a third party provider. Please note that a Vulnerable Sector check required to work or volunteer with vulnerable persons can only be obtained from a police agency. A Criminal Records Check will also only provide a list of criminal convictions while a Police Information Check will provide a list of pending Alberta court appearances and criminal convictions not listed in the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) criminal convictions database. 

Important Notice to Volunteer Organizations regarding VOAN Reinstatement

Understanding a Vulnerable Sector Check

The Edmonton Police Service only discloses local police records when a Vulnerable Sector Check is required. In such circumstances, the local police records must demonstrate a pattern of behaviour representing a risk to vulnerable persons. Under no circumstances will the Edmonton Police Service disclose mental health related occurrences unless such occurrences involve violence or a threat of violence to persons other than themselves. Such occurrences will be disclosed in the interests of public safety and not upon the existence of a mental health condition.

In determining the suitability of any applicant, the Edmonton Police Service recommends that careful consideration be given to the recency, relevancy and seriousness of the information disclosed. The existence of information in a Police Information Check alone should not be a deciding factor in determining the suitability of any applicant. 

The Police Information Check Section also provides employers and volunteer organizations with the ability to submit Police Information Check applicants on behalf of their applicants as part of its “batch submission” option. More information regarding this service option can be obtained by contacting the Police Information Check Section.

Fingerprinting services for a number of civil purposes are also provided by the Police Information Check Section. For more information on civil fingerprinting services please see FAQs #7.


 #108, 14315-118 Avenue Nexus Business Park

The Police Information Check Section is located on the west side of 142 Street and is accessible from either 142 Street or 118 Avenue.  Ample free parking is available.

Hours of Operation

Monday to Wednesday - 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Thursday - 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Friday - 8:00 a.m. to noon
CLOSED on all weekends and statutory holidays. 

Applicants can also attend their nearest divisional or community police station if they do not immediately require a Police Information Check.  Police Information Check applications submitted at a divisional or community station are processed and mailed to the applicant within 5 business days of receipt of the application, provided that the Police Information Check is “clear”. 

Applicants submitting an application at a divisional or community police station that require the results of a "clear” Police Information Check to be sent directly to their employer, must also complete and submit a Third Party Consent form. This form must be signed in the presence of a member of the Edmonton Police Service.


  • Employment & Post-Secondary Practicums - $48
  • Immigration/Travel/Visa - $48
    Please bring your “Citizenship and Immigration Canada Request for Fingerprints" documentation if fingerprinting is required for Canadian citizenship/permanent residency.
  • Volunteers with a registered non-profit organization - $15
    A letter from the volunteer agency written on the agency's letterhead must be provided
  • Day Home/Daycare/Adoption/Kinship/Fostercare/Homestay - $48 for 1 applicant; $75 for 2-5 applicants
  • Security Guard or Locksmith licence - $55
    Please bring a photo complying with Alberta Justice and Solicitor General requirements to be verified and signed by one of our customer service representatives.

All fees include GST.

The Police Information Check Section location accepts cash, debit card, credit card, personal cheque, certified cheque, bank draft, or money order. All cheques, drafts and money orders must be made payable to ‘City of Edmonton.'

Personal cheques, certified cheques, bank drafts and money orders are accepted forms of payment at divisional and community stations. Cash, debit and credit cards are not accepted at divisional and community police stations.

Identification Required

Two pieces of identification must be produced. One piece of identification must be a valid government issued identification containing a photo. Examples include:

  • Driver’s Licence or Identification Card
  • Passport
  • Nexus Card 
  • Permanent Residence Card 
  • Indian/Metis Status Card

The second piece of identification can be any identification that includes your full name and signature. The Police Information Check Section reserves the right to accept or refuse any forms of identification. Expired identification cannot be accepted.

Proof of Edmonton residency is required for applicants requiring a Vulnerable Sector check. Documentation must be provided verifying a current Edmonton address. This can include a recent utility, electricity, gas or telephone bill, bank statement, property rental agreement, insurance policy documents (life, auto, residential), etc. dated within that last 90 days. The Edmonton Police Service cannot conduct a Vulnerable Sector Check for individuals not residing in Edmonton.

Please note that a Police Information Check requiring a Vulnerable Sector Check can only be conducted by a police service.

Contact Information

General Inquires

Phone: 780-421-2801
Email: policeinformationcheck@edmontonpolice.ca

All emails and phone messages received outside of regular business hours will be returned on the next business day.

Mailing Address:

Police Information Check Section
Edmonton Police Service
9620 – 103A Avenue
Edmonton, AB, Canada
T5H 0H7

Download the Police Information Check Application Form

Please refer to the FAQs to obtain more information about obtaining a Police Information Check and about fingerprinting services.

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