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The History of the Crest

In 1892, the Edmonton Police Department came into being. Over 100 years later, more than 1,400 sworn members of the Edmonton Police Service proudly wear a shoulder flash with the EPS crest, symbolizing their allegiance to the profession of policing, the City of Edmonton, and its citizens.

Since its inception, the EPS flash has evolved from a simple nameplate to the current representation, which members have proudly worn for the past 29 years. The latest evolution of the crest began on November 15, 2001. On this date, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II granted official approval for the use of the Royal Crown as part of the crest in a heraldic capacity, ultimately signing off on the very first Edmonton Police Service Heraldic Emblem.

There are many symbolic meanings to various parts of the new EPS emblem introduced in 2008. The Royal Crown, at the top of the crest, symbolizes the administration of Crown’s justice, while the laurel of maple leaves and wild rose refer to Canada and Alberta respectively. Part of the City of Edmonton’s coat of arms, located in the centre of the emblem, contains a sun, which represents Edmonton’s above average amount of sunshine; a winged wheel that signifies Edmonton’s importance as an aviation and industrial centre; a wavy ribbon that represents the North Saskatchewan River; and a sheaf that represents agriculture.

The motto on the crest – Integrity, Courage, Community - expresses the character of the Edmonton Police Service. Collectively, all of the pieces represent our mission to build safe communities in partnership with our citizens through leadership and policing excellence. As members of the Edmonton Police Service, we are dedicated to safeguard the lives and property of our citizens, to reduce and prevent crime and disorder across the city, and to enhance public safety while working with the community to improve quality of life.

This flash further signifies our commitment to do so with honour, integrity, courage, accountability, respect, innovation and customer service, while conducting ourselves with the highest professional and ethical standards.