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Legacy of Heroes Issue 3: Day of the Dog Squad

The founding of the Edmonton Police Service Canine Unit reads like, well, a comic book.

The unit was founded in 1967.  But the real story began four years earlier when Val Vallevand, a constable, approached Chief M.F.E. Anthony about forming a dog squad.

The Chief was reluctant; he was worried a dog would be overwhelmed with the noise and activity of a big city like Edmonton.

Val believed a dog’s keen sense of smell and sharp eyesight could prove valuable to police work.  It was this belief that finally convinced the Chief to give Val a chance.

“Val was definitely the right man at the right time,” says Corps Sergeant Major Gary Cook.  “He loved policing and he loved catching bad guys with a dog.”

Watch Val Vallevand Behind the Cover to learn more about the founder of the Canine Unit.