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Crime and Trauma-Informed Support Services

The Crime and Trauma-Informed Support Services (CTSS) Unit provides timely support to individuals, families, and communities who have been impacted by crime and traumatic events or affected by crime, trauma, and tragic events. CTSS also strives to reduce the vulnerabilities that contribute to revictimization.

If you have experienced a crime or traumatic event and require support, contact CTSS:

Phone: 780-421-2217

Email: ctss@edmontonpolice.ca


CTSS: Background

The Edmonton Police Service established a Victim Services Unit in 1979. Since then, EPS has been committed to improving the service it provides to victims and enhancing community safety.

In 2018, the unit underwent an extensive analysis of its service model, assessing ways to incorporate innovative and best practices. The result led to change in the service delivery model to emphasize a trauma-informed approach that was client-led and driven. This new approach also included the implementation of portfolios, which specialize in specific crime types and vulnerable groups. The unit also placed an emphasis on a trauma-informed approach that was client-led and driven.

In 2019, the unit changed its name to Crime and Trauma-Informed Support Services (CTSS). The new name conveys a modern approach to understanding current and past trauma faced by those who have been victimized, while recognizing that coping mechanisms are individual. Research and feedback from clients suggest that people do not want to be labelled as victims, but as survivors.


The mission of CTSS is to provide timely intervention, prevention and supports to individuals, families and all our communities affected by crime, trauma, and tragic events. We will meet the expectations of this mission through:

  • Deployment of skilled crisis response and services that are readily accessible to complement the mission and vision of the EPS
  • Trauma-informed practices that prevent further victimization
  • Apply evidence-based support that establishes harm-reducing strategies and problem-solving
  • Development of targeted education and awareness campaigns
  • Empower victims to navigate the criminal justice system
  • Recognizing the diversity of our community and responding to the unique needs of our ethno-cultural groups
  • Sustained community partnerships to ensure continuity-of-care and elimination of redundancies of victim and survivor service delivery and support in Edmonton
  • To apply evidence-based learning to reduce future victimization


Client Feedback 

CTSS is committed to providing trauma-informed and client-centered services. Your feedback is important to EPS and can contribute to the improvement of CTSS.

If you have accessed CTSS services, please complete this short form.