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CTSS Frequently Asked Questions

What is CTSS?

Crime and Trauma-Informed Support Services provides timely intervention, prevention and support to individuals, family and all communities affected by crime and traumatic events.

I’m in need of financial assistance, can CTSS help me?

Unfortunately, CTSS does not offer any financial assistance. However, we do inform the public of programs and community agencies that offer financial assistance.

Will CTSS help me find housing?

No. CTSS will not find housing for you, however, we can connect you to community resources that will.

What is the Victims of Crime Assistance Program?

The Government of Alberta’s Victims of Crime Assistance Program (VAP) helps victims and survivors affected by violent crime. Benefits provided by VAP offset financial loss and assist in recovery from injuries. A summary of the benefits available to eligible applicants can be found on their website. https://www.alberta.ca/help-for-victims-of-crime.aspx.

I have been subpoenaed to attend court and I have no support? Can CTSS accompany me?

Yes, CTSS will make every effort to provide an advocate to support you at court. While we endeavor to meet each request, this service is dependent upon capacity and staffing. If you require court accompaniment, please contact our office at 780-421-2217.

I would like to know what happened at court, can CTSS provide an update?

You can contact our office at 780-421-2217. If we are unable to assist, you can contact the Crown Prosecutor’s office at 780-422-1111.

I would like to know more about the investigation; can CTSS provide an update?

CTSS is not involved in the investigation of your file. For all investigation inquiries, please contact the investigating officer. If you do not have the officer’s contact information you can call the CTSS main line at 780-421-2217 or the non-emergency line at 780-423-4567.

Does CTSS provide counselling?

Our staff and volunteers are not trained counsellors, we offer emotional support. We would be happy to provide you with contact information for local community agencies and counselling services.

I’m in an abusive relationship, what can I do?

If your safety is at immediate risk, please contact 911. For family violence information please contact the Distress Line (24 hours) at 780-482-4357.

Will CTSS support me if I haven’t reported a crime?

Yes, our staff can listen and support you with your circumstances, however, you cannot make a police report with us. If you are prepared to report a crime, please contact our non-emergency line at 780-423-4567 or visit our Report a Crime Online portal.

I want to help! Does CTSS have volunteer opportunities?

CTSS has a team of Volunteer Advocates that provide emotional support, referrals to community or cultural supports as well as court orientation and court support.

Volunteer Advocates commit to a two-year term with the unit and complete a minimum of one, three-hour shift each week.

Check our CTSS Volunteer page for information about volunteer opportunities.