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CTSS Frequently Asked Questions

What is CTSS?

Crime and Trauma-Informed Support Services is formally known as Victim Services. Our unit supports those affected by crime and trauma through a client centric approach.

I’m in need of financial assistance, can CTSS help me?

Unfortunately, CTSS does not offer any financial assistance. However, we do inform the public of programs and community agencies that offer financial assistance.

What is the Financial Benefits Program?

The Alberta Solicitor General created the Financial Benefits Program for individuals who have suffered physical injuries and/or psychological trauma due to a violent incident. For more information on the Financial Benefits Program, please contact their office at: 780-427-7217.

Is Financial Benefits and CTSS the same?

No, CTSS is a support unit that operates within the Edmonton Police Services. The Financial Benefits Program is part of the Alberta Solicitor General. CTSS only informs and distributes the application forms, the financial benefits office processes all the claims. For more information on the Financial Benefits Program please contact their office at: 780-427-7217.

I submitted my Financial Benefits Package; how can I get an update?

Please contact the Financial Benefits Program at: 780-427-7217.

Can I report a sexual assault that happened in the past?

Yes, the Edmonton Police Service can and does investigate historical sexual assaults.  Please call the police non-emergency complaint line at: 780-423-4567 or proceed to our online crime reporting portal to report.

Does CTSS offer indigenous informed support?

Yes, CTSS has an indigenous specialist within the unit. The unit offers culturally sensitive support to those affected by crime and trauma. 

I have been subpoenaed to attend court and I have no support? Can CTSS accompany me?

Yes, upon request, CTSS will provide someone to support you at court. We try our best to meet each request. If you or someone you know requires a court accompaniment, please contact our court program at: 780-391-4078.

I would like to know what happened at court, who can I call?

You can contact our office at: 780-391-4078. If we are unable to answer your call, please contact the crown prosecutor’s office at: 780-422-1111 (please have your file number ready).

I would like to know more about the investigation; can CTSS provide an update?

CTSS is not involved in the investigation of your file. For all investigation inquiries, please contact the investigating officer. If you do not have the officers contact information, you can call the CTSS main line at:  780421-2217 or the police non-emergency line at:  780-423-4567.

I need to update my witness statement. Can CTSS help me with this?

A witness statement is part of an investigation. For all investigation related inquiries, please contact the investigating officer (see above). 

I would like to see a therapist; can CTSS provide me with one?

Our staff and volunteers are not trained therapists, we offer emotional support. If you would like to see a psychologist, we would be happy to provide you with contact information for community agencies that offer this service.

I don’t speak English but need help, what can I do? 

Please email us at: ctss@edmontonpolice.ca We will connect with you via a translation service.

I am in an abusive relationship, what can I do?

If your personal safety is at risk, please contact 911. For family violence information please contact the 24hr help line at: 780-310-1818 to receive assistance anonymously in more than 170 languages. CTSS staff can also help navigate supports through our main line at: 780-421-2217.

Will CTSS support me, if I haven’t reported a crime?

Yes, our staff can listen and support you with your circumstances. However, if you are prepared to report a crime, please contact our non-emergency complaint line at: 780-423-4567 or to our Report a Crime online portal.