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Gang violence is a serious concern, both in Edmonton and across Canada. Despite the headlines, there is a lot of misunderstanding about what gangs are, how they attract new recruits, how to deal with gangs at the community level, and how gang members can escape the gang lifestyle.

From a community perspective, it is important to remember:

  • Street gang violence is not targeted towards the general public—in most cases, violence is the result of attempts to settle scores between rival gangs.

  • Street gang activity is not about religious or cultural differences—it is motivated by profit.

  • Gang members are from any racial, cultural, or socio-economic group.

  • The gang lifestyle is not glamorous and can be fatal.

The following pages have information about gang lifestyle. By making an effort to educate yourself about what makes gangs tick, you’ve already taken the first step to making sure your children and the youth in your community don’t let gang activity take hold of their lives.

Gang Hotline: 780-414-GANG (4264)


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