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CFMH - The Tenant

Now that you've scrutinized the property, neighbourhood, and landlord, it is time to examine the role of the tenant. A quality tenant will:

  • Use the various parts of the premises (including electrical, plumbing sanitary, heating, ventilating, etc.) in a reasonable manner, taking into consideration their intended purpose and design.
  • Keep the premises as clean and safe as possible.
  • Dispose of garbage, ashes, rubbish and other waste cleanly and safely.
  • Keep plumbing fixtures clean.
  • Not destroy, deface, damage, impair or remove any part of the premises or permit another person to do so.
  • Not disturb the neighbour's peaceful enjoyment of the premises.

Tenants should do more than the minimum: become involved in the neighbourhood, watch out for your neighbours, assist in keeping the building "safe by design", and report suspicious activity to the police.

Finally, view your relationship with your landlord, neighbours, and police as a partnership. By working together we can effectively prevent criminal activity from occurring on rental property.