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Working As A Civilian

Are you bored at your current job? Do you want to help give back to your community? The search is over. Collect big career rewards as a civilian member of the Edmonton Police Service. From Emergency Communication Officers to IT Managers, there is a strong and dedicated team working behind the scenes supporting one of the best police services in the country.

Escape the mundane. Become a member of the Edmonton Police Service today.

The Edmonton Police Service

Have you ever thought what it takes to run a police service? The Edmonton Police Service has over 900 civilian employees who help police officers behind the scenes every day. They are our unsung heroes and play a valuable role in keeping Edmonton a safe place to live.

Unlock your potential. Find your place within the Edmonton Police Service.

The Organization

The Edmonton Police Service is an internationally recognized leader in innovative policing and agencies from around the world visit Edmonton to learn more about our initiatives in community policing. In addition to excellence in delivery of police service to the public, the Edmonton Police Service is at the forefront of law enforcement, computer and communications technology, equipment, and training.

The Edmonton Police Service, an accredited police agency, is an equal opportunity employer. Most positions within the EPS are unionized. Please refer to job requisitions to determine the specific union affiliation. 

Its People

Through the years, as Edmonton has grown, so has its policing needs. Today, the Edmonton Police Service is known as one of the most modern and progressive police organizations in North America, employing over 2,000 people.

  • 2050 police officers
  • 1100 civilians

If you want to become part of a dynamic team, the EPS has a broad range of career options and great benefits. You will have an opportunity to make a real difference in your community.