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Canine Unit fetches national Top Dog award


The Edmonton Police Service’s Canine Unit was in Vancouver last week for the 2018 Canadian Police Canine Association (CPCA) Trials.

More than 35 Canadian teams including both general duty and specialized detection dogs faced various challenges to test their skills including scenarios around tracking, criminal apprehension, agility and obedience.

CPCA events took place across the greater Vancouver area from North Vancouver to New Westminster. A public event was hosted in Stanley Park to test the agility, obedience, and arrest demonstrations of our four-legged protectors.

Commitment, focus, dedication, and pride – this strong relationship between the handlers and PSDs is nothing short of amazing teamwork.

For the fourth consecutive year, a member from our Canine Unit has claimed the Top Dog award – Constable Kelly Lang and PSD Fozzy! Three of our four teams placed in the Top 5 overall.

Cst. Brian Parker & PSD Larry
#1 Agility

Cst. Scott Mitchler & PSD Jack
#3 Building Search
#5 Obedience
#5 Tracking
#4 Overall

Cst. Wade Eastman & PSD Evan
#2 Building Search
#5 Evidence Search
#5 Agility
#3 Obedience
#5 Criminal Apprehension
#5 Overall

Cst. Kelly Lang & PSD Fozzy
#1 Compound Search
#3 Agility
#4 Tracking
#1 Criminal Apprehension
#1 Overall

You can learn more about the Edmonton Police Service's Canine Unit here.