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EPS releases 2021 Annual Report


The Edmonton Police Service (EPS) has published its 2021 Annual Report, providing Edmontonians with valuable information on the direction of the Service, statistical insight into crime and community safety, and highlights of the work by EPS members in serving the needs of the community.

With a mission to be relentless on crime and a leading partner in building community safety, the EPS recognizes the need to demonstrate a high level of transparency, share relevant safety information with the public and measure performance toward building a safer community for all, and this report is one tool to support our mission.

Over the last three years, Edmonton has experienced a 17% reduction in crime. The city’s crime rate has historically been higher than the national average, but despite the effects of the pandemic, progress has been made in closing that gap.

“This is the single largest decrease in crime Edmonton has experienced in recent years. While we cannot discount the pandemic’s impacts, it is important to recognize how the dedication and work of our members and relationships with our community partners has helped to drive down crime, victimization, and repeat offenses in our city,” says Chief of Police, Dale McFee.

Central in achieving this reduction is the EPS’ approach of balancing support with enforcement. While the Community Safety and Well-being Bureau continues to build partnerships with the goal of diverting individuals from the justice system toward social supports, investigative innovations such as the creation of a dedicated Firearms Examinations Unit and participation in an Integrated Ballistics Identification System pilot project assist in addressing crime and victimization. 

“The year ahead will bring more challenges for us to address, such as public safety in our downtown core and on the transit system,” says Chief McFee. “Partnership and collaboration will be crucial in creating long-term, sustainable solutions in these areas, and I very much look forward to working further with the Edmonton Police Commission, the City of Edmonton, the community, partners and many other stakeholders in effecting positive change for the safety and well-being of all Edmontonians.”

The EPS’ goals and corresponding initiatives are identified in the 2020-2022 Strategic Plan, while targeted outcomes are laid out in the 2020-2022 Business Plan along with allocation of resources and expected timelines.