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EPS and Bike Index partnership sees success


In 2019, the Edmonton Police Service partnered with the online bicycle registry Bike Index in attempt to deter bike theft from the moment you purchase your bicycle. 

Since our launch last summer, an astounding 16,501 bicycles have been registered to Bike Index in Edmonton.

And more importantly, we have been able to return over 290 bicycles back to their owners, and the number keeps growing! In fact, throughout the last weekend, over 20 bikes were recovered by Downtown Division alone. Eleven of those bicycles went back to their original owners that same weekend:

EPS found this bike 2 days after it was stolen.

 Stolen while locked in a parkade. EPS found the bike 3 days later.

This one-of-a-kind bike was returned after a year since it was stolen!

This bike was stolen in Sept. 2019.

 Trek Bike and United Cycle helped us return this bike to its owner a week after it had been stolen.

 This bike was stolen in March.

 EPS found the bike abandoned, but it was luckily listed on Bike Index for an easy return.

 EPS found the bike abandoned, but it was luckily listed on Bike Index for an easy return.

Four of the 12 had been stolen over two years ago, including these great stories:

This bicycle was reported stolen on Bike Index in June 2018, the day before this young man was supposed to be in a triathlon. Unfortunately, he has outgrown the bike, but he said the Edmonton Triathlon Academy will be able to benefit from it now.


These bicycles were seized from the same location. The Scott brand bike was reported stolen on Bike Index last August, and the Norco was reported stolen to police in June 2016!

“Bike theft has always been an issue in Edmonton. But thanks to Bike Index and our amazing partners, these positive outcomes are happening every day,” explained Constable Dana Gehring. “We started this partnership with the goal of reducing bike theft, so we will continue to encourage citizens to register with Bike Index to help us reach this goal.”

Help us get a handle on bike theft and register your bikes on Bike Index. Best of all – it’s free! Did your bike go missing before you could register it? No problem! You can still create an account and mark it stolen, so if someone finds your bike you can be contacted and reunited.

Click here to learn more about the EPS and Bike Index.