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EPS Members Honoured For Putting Brakes On Impaired Driving



Nine EPS officers were recently named as Corporal Cumming Watch Award recipients.  The officers took 1500 impaired drivers off Edmonton roads in 2021.  The award honours RCMP Corporal Graeme Cumming who was killed by a drunk driver.


“My passion for impaired driving and the knowledge behind it and getting these people off the road has always been my first priority. So, to me earning the award is more of a byproduct of doing the work,” said Constable Adam Cotterall who was named as one of the Silver Award recipients.



Constable Mo Naqvi

Constable Curtis Steinke

Constable Krista Gavin

Constable Andrew Kingsbury

Constable Adam Cotterall

Constable Manpreet Malhotra

Constable Spencer Kuehn

Constable Katie Hilton

Constable Harman Gosal


The kudos are well-deserved according to Sgt Katie Davies of the EPS Impaired Driving Unit considering the current challenges facing law enforcement.

“Becoming part of Corporal Cumming’s Watch is certainly an impressive achievement…particularly during an unprecedented time of competing police priorities.  Impaired driving files are known for being complex, lengthy and some of the most heavily litigated of all offences that dictate a certain skill level and aptitude to proficiently investigate,” said Davies.


Constable Cotterall says cracking down on impaired driving feels like an “uphill battle” because he knows the stats. There are more impaired drivers that go undetected than get caught. However, he’s optimistic what will change with more training and support. He’s also motivated by the pain that impaired driving can cause.

“I had a good friend of mine struck by an impaired driver and who was killed. So, I've had that personal sort of trauma in my life. It's also a motivating factor…learning as much as I can about impaired drivers and doing my best to get them off the street.”