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Edmonton Police Service constable off to the Junos


Constable Dave Pedersen, a school resource officer with the Edmonton Police Service, doubles as a father of four daughters and a member of the Juno-nominated band Sterling John. They’re heading to Halifax in the hopes of bringing home an award for Gospel Album of the Year.

It was a shock to be nominated says Const. Pedersen. “We weren’t expecting it. We were waiting for the announcement on CBC and our group chat with our band just started blowing up."

Music plays a significant role in Const. Pedersen’s life, serving as a creative outlet and source of solace during difficult times. He credits his high school band teacher, Anne Turner, a former Juno winner, with nurturing his musical talents.

“She was tough, but she really pushed us to excel and to succeed. And she pushed us to be creative and to write songs and learn how to record. I owe a lot to her and music,” says Const. Pedersen.

As a school resource officer, he takes his duties seriously.

"In the day-to-day, it's about being a calming presence in the building. It's about being a mentor; it's about being a coach. It's about participating in extracurriculars and meeting kids in their classes, dealing with even small issues so that they don't become big ones," says Const. Pedersen.

Sterling John's music centers on themes of hope, resilience, and mental health—reflecting their experiences as first responders.

While Dave remains humble about the nomination, he sees it as an opportunity to inspire others and express gratitude to those who have supported him on his journey.