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Operation Ready Set School gives kids a great start to the school year.


With the beginning of the school year just around the corner, 25 students were given the opportunity to get ready for the big day with EPS members. "We're helping them find all those items that they need to feel ready and confident as they head into the new school year," said Elisha Jackson, Executive Director of the Edmonton Police Foundation.


The students, who ranged in grades from 1 - 12, had an "Amazing Race" style adventure. Police officers helped them through different stations where they picked out items they would need for school. Constable Catlin Chiasson, who participated in the event, said it was a blast helping the students. "I've seen lots of laughing, giggling, and excitement all around. It's a great atmosphere here today, and it's really good to see that happening."


Between shopping with the officers, students also played mini-golf and bowled. One student even teed off against police Chief Dale McFee. "I just got schooled at mini-golf,” the Chief said. This is really what it's about, the interaction. You've got young students getting ready for school. We all know what a difference education means to giving people a good start. And it's why we're here."


But the event was about more than just having fun and stocking up on school supplies according to Jackson. "One of our main goals with the program is to help the students build strong and positive relationships with police. We've created a fun and safe space for the kids to get together with police.”


Thank you to all of the volunteers and the generosity of our sponsors, including the Edmonton Police Foundation and West Edmonton Mall who made this special day possible.