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EPS school resource officers help families bridge the gap


The holiday season can be a stressful time for disadvantaged families. That’s why EPS school resource officers teamed up with H&W produce to spread a little Holiday Cheer.

“We are providing hampers to 10 Edmonton Catholic schools throughout the city,” said Constable Amanda Hinks.

It requires a herculean effort and H&W produce is at the centre of the project.  They pack and organize about six hundred boxes of produce said owner Dave Harrison.

“We're loading up the police vehicles now and delivering some much-needed groceries and food for people for Christmas.”

The holidays provide a challenge from some families, and this initiative helps them bridge the gap during the school break.

“The schools provide some type of food for the kids throughout the course of the school year, and for two weeks of not to be able to have that sustainable meal…is a great struggle for a lot of our kids and our families,” said Hinks.