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Five members recognized at Southwest Division


Five members from Southwest Division received the St. John’s Ambulance Life-saving Award and the EPS Commendation for Life-Saving this past week for events that took place in 2020.

Congratulations to:

  • Const. Mark Carson
  • Const. Jenna Johnson
  • Const. Ian Strutynski 
  • Const. Dan Tallack
  • Const. Justin Johnston

From Left to Right: Inspector Shane Perka, Cst Dan Tallack, Cst Justin Johnston, Cst. Mark Carson, Supt. Tom Pallas.

Back in January 2020, Carson, Johnson and Strutynski responded to a call for assistance with a suicidal male. He was suffering from a severe, self-inflicted wound to his chest. The members quickly responded, using their first aid skills and knowledge. They applied pressure to reduce the severe bleeding and packed the wound to keep the man from going into shock, and monitored his vitals until EMS arrived on-scene. Without the quick actions of these members, the individual may not have survived.
In September of 2020, Tallack, Carson and Johnston responded to a report of a disturbance at a bus stop. Upon arrival, they located a male holding down another male. One of the males sustained a significant cut to his leg and was bleeding severely. Once the scene was under control, the members began administering first aid and trauma care and a tourniquet was applied, but the bleeding continued.
The individual’s vitals indicated that he was going into shock, so members continued their efforts until they could move him. The blood loss was severe, and given they were a very short distance to the hospital, they decided to transport immediately. Without the quick actions of the constables and their life-saving efforts, this individual would not have survived.

From Left to Right: Sgt. Jeffery Kaun, Cst. Ian Strutynski, Cst. Jenna Johnson and Supt. Tom Pallas.

“These members are to be commended for their courageous efforts and their knowledge and use of first aid skills,” said Supt. Tom Pallas. “These awards are normally presented at an annual banquet, but that has been postponed due to COVID-19. We thought it was best to recognize these folks in a somewhat timely manner.”

St. John Canada established the St. John Ambulance Life-saving Awards Program over 30 years ago to acknowledge individuals or groups of individuals who have administered first aid while saving or attempting to save a life. The award applications pass through a board for approval. Each member receives a plaque and pin to wear on their uniform.
Congratulations! And thank you for your service and commitment to others in need.