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The strongest cop in Canada


Tristain Hoath is not your average Edmonton Police Service constable. He’s an imposing figure standing 6 foot 3 and weighing more than 300 pounds. Hoath uses his massive frame to push and pull massive amounts of weight. He can bench press over 500 pounds. His top squat is 705lbs and his best deadlift is 815lbs.

“I would say I’m the strongest cop in Canada.”

That was his somewhat reluctant response to a question which was already confirmed in November. That’s when Hoath won the prestigious Magnus Ver Magnusson Strongman Classic in Iceland.

“The first time I’ve competed over international waters and the first time competing against actual World’s Strongest men competitors,” said Hoath, who works in Southeast Branch.

The event tests the limits of these “human forklifts” as they take on nine extreme events over three days. Hoath did not expect to do very well but managed to push his way to the top as the winner.

“It was unreal. I had a hard time understanding and letting it sink in…I was top of the world at that point.”

The breakthrough victory means that Hoath will now be invited to some of the most elite Strongman competitions in the world where the athletes are bigger and even stronger.

“Stepping up to the next level is huge for me.”

Hoath is in the gym five to six days a week and has given himself a soft deadline. Three years to see how far he can go as a Strongman.

“You're able to find spaces within yourself that you didn't know existed…I just like pushing myself and seeing how strong I can get.”