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This is Who We Are - EPS Pipes and Drums


Since the early days of policing in Edmonton the bagpipes have boosted the spirits of those sworn to serve.

In 1914, twelve men from the Edmonton Caledonina Pipe band, some of which were Edmonton police officers, joined the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI) and were whisked off to Europe to serve in WWI as pipers and stretcher bearers. These men served with bravery and valour using their musical talent to boost the morale and kinship of the troops. At the end of the war, those who survived returned to their civilian lives back in Canada.

It wasn’t until 1959 that the pipes came calling again for members of the Edmonton Police Service. In that year the a collection of pipers and drummers with Scottish and Irish heritage began rehearsing with the intention of creating a band. Two years later, this group auditioned for the Chief who endorsed them as the official band of the Edmonton Police Service. Since 1961, the Pipes and Drums of the EPS have been performing locally, nationally and internationally from private homes for audiences of one; to stadiums filled to capacity. In this time, the band has forged allegiances with several military regiments including the PPCLI, the Loyal Edmonton Regiment, the Airborne Regiment, and the HMCS Edmonton.

The gift of music, fellowship, service and tradition have taken the band to a variety of international locations where it has been shared with many including children, seniors, veterans, British royalty, and currently serving military and police personnel. With each note played, the band members, both current and alumni, stand together as proud representatives of the men and women of the Edmonton Police Service, dedicated to protect, proud to serve.